Eight things I would nominate for the UoM ‘Walk of fame’

Number nine: My first year crush

Since the University of Manchester announced its bicentenary “walk of fame” style installation, I have seen it as my duty to speak for the people in terms of nominations for what changes the life of a Manchester student. You may think that therefore, this will nominate some of the true historical Manc inspirations – alas, this is not what this is. Instead, I feel I speak for us all when I tell you who (and what) exactly is deserving of this prized place.

 1. DJ Billy

If you don’t know who DJ Billy is, then get to know. The king of my Friday night at The Vic in Withington, he is my hero. A couple of £9.50 bottles of wine, a few Jägerbombs and a bit of Murder On The Dance Floor mixed with ABBA classics; it is the perfect way to end the week. Therefore, him and his Friday night extravaganza are definitely deserving of a spot.

2. Whoever made Jägerbombs four for £5 in Squirrels

A love-hate relationship but a relationship none the less. I personally believe that Jägerbombs have been the biggest target of inflation to date. However, the line is drawn in Squirrels where the price remains low – saving some of the student loan for food shopping, rent or probably a takeaway after 256.

3. Mauldeth Road station

This simply deserves a spot for the convenience it provides my Fallowfield girls. You can get to Piccadilly in seven minutes without a second thought about the smelly, overcrowded 142.

Or, if you’re my housemate, you can commute from Withington to a uni in another city from here. Completely your choice.

4. The 142

Whatever I said, I didn’t mean it. You don’t smell and you are overcrowded but that is fun except for on the way to a 10am with a banging headache and crippling hangxiety.

Getting the bus to a night out is often in my opinion the best part of the night out. As the anticipation builds for the crazy night ahead at 42s, where else is there to be than crammed on the 142. The anticipation then drops when you’re stood next to the bins in the queue for your nightclub of choice and you then wish you were back on that bus.

5. Boombox Barry

Self explanatory. Legend.

6. Oak House

Arguably the eighth wonder of the world. As Sharon from Eastenders said, “I’ve spent most of my Friday nights in here, some of my worst too.”

This is exactly how I feel about Oak House. Maybe, like my ex, I just miss it when it’s not there. Firm spot on the walk of fame secured just for the unforgettable moments had inside – including two fires, a food fight and conversations between the entirety of my flat and a stuffed dinosaur called Jonathan (you had to be there – it is not that weird).

7. Boogie Bingo

Forget 256 Tuesday, Boogie Bingo is literally where it is at. I don’t even think its possible to have a bad night at Boogie Bingo, well apart from the fact you are too intoxicated to know what’s going on by the third round. Free shots, dancing on the tables and a prize of £150 cash – perfect way to spend a Thursday night and then regret for the whole weekend while you can’t shift the hangover. As a third year I will still be in firm attendance every week.

8. Mo (and his cheesy chips)

All round hero and boss chip maker. The only man you should be having a conversation with past 2am – no sneaky links/256 mistakes here. Special mention for the lack of stinginess on the sauce. Mo – we all love you.

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