Looking for a new society? Come and write for us at The Manchester Tab

Come to our open meeting at Uttley Bar on Tuesday 6th February at 6:30pm!


Now that you’ve got your January exams out of the way, the question you may be pondering at the beginning of term is “what am I going to do when I’m not in my very limited number of lectures (which I’m paying £9k for)?”

Look no further than The Manchester Tab. We are a student-led news site, writing about the best chips in Fallowfield, breaking Manchester-based news stories and everything else that is relevant to students. We’re hosting an open meeting on Tuesday 6th February, 6:30pm at Uttley Bar on the Fallowfield campus. If this isn’t enough, we’ve outlined four reasons you should write for us.

1. It looks great on your CV

The Manchester Tab is linked with over 30 other uni-specific sites, with a combined readership of over six million. If you are looking towards a career in journalism or media, we can help you develop your skills whilst you gain experience writing for a nationally recognised newspaper, whose articles have previously been picked up by the BBC and The Times amongst other household names.

2. You can write about your interests

Whatever you’re interested in you can write about; takeaways, rent strikes, study spaces on campus. If it is relevant to Manchester students, it has a place here. If you get stuck, we have a full team of editors onside to help you out, and we can also provide you with ideas if you want to write, but can’t think of anything to write about.

3. You’ll become in the know about all the student news and gossip

Being part of The Tab, we define newsworthy as being something you’d be excited to tell your mates at the pub or put on your group chat. Our team find the best stories happening around the uni, and our dedication usually means we get there first.

4. You’ll meet new and interesting people

Above all else, we try to have fun. The Tab is a friendly place where we have weekly meetings and regular socials (as well as writing the best articles in Manchester). It’s a great way to make friends – everyone at The Manchester Tab started without being friends, and now we’re close mates. What’s not to like?

Who doesn’t want to be friends with these two???

Our open meeting is at 6:30pm, Tuesday 6th February at Uttley Bar.

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