QUIZ: Which Cambridge Freshers’ Week stereotype are you?

The quiz that every incoming fresher NEEDS to take

First up, everyone here at The Cambridge Tab would like to say a huge congrats to all the offer holders who’ve secured their place at Cambridge after such a hectic Results Day! We hope you’re super excited to be joining us in October for an unpredictable, but hopefully just as exciting first term.

Now that the stressing is over and Michaelmas looms closer and closer, you might be starting to think about preparing for uni life by reading ahead and buying a bunch of new things you won’t use and will probably lose by the end of term. If you need help with this you can check out our list of essential things every fresher needs, but will probably forget to pack (We’ve got you covered babe!).

You’re probably also wondering what on earth Freshers’ Week is going to look like given all the possible restrictions and shifts to online events. We feel for you, and even though Freshers’ Week will probably look different than usual, we know that some things never change – and this includes the key stereotypical Fresher personalities that you’re bound to run into when you first get to Cambridge. If you’re keen to find out which one you are, have a go at this quiz we’ve made:

Cover image credit: Charissa Cheong