Face masks with Cambridge College crests on sale from Ryder and Amies

Stash, but make it 2020

Picture this: you’re walking up King’s Parade. It’s November 2020, and while coronavirus is still a buzz word, you’ve also still got two essays due this week and a ‘disappointed’ supervisor. You go to Mainsbury’s to pick up some panic snacks and to further procrastinate said two essays, and you reach into your bag to pull out your face mask. Wearing it brings a smile to your face, even if no-one else can see it – because what they can see, however, is that you’re at Trinity.


Last Michaelmas saw an onslaught of students descend on Cambridge in their college-branded puffers – but this year, it seems that the must-have item is Ryder & Amies’ college-crested face masks. The University’s official outfitters have released a series of black, 2-ply cotton, washable and reusable masks, so that you can fulfil your dream of being kitted out head-to-toe in college stash. Unless, that is, you’re at  Fitz, Caius, Corpus, Lucy Cavendish, Medwards, Sidney Sussex, Catz or Eddies – unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ryder & Amies are stocking face masks for you yet 🙁


An iconic Cambridge institution adapting. Credit: Anthony O’Neil (Creative Commons Licence)

Now that face masks are required by law to be worn in most public indoor spaces, many retailers have jumped on the bandwagon to produce their own. Ryder & Amies are no exception; functional, stylish, and although they’re not featured on Vogue’s list of places to buy stylish face masks, at least they’re on The Cambridge Tab.

Ryder & Amies staff member Tony Chamberlain, speaking to the Cambridge Tab, said that the masks were “A new product for us due to many requests from our regular customers” and that it was “nice to see people coming in to buy one then back in a few days later buying more for friends!”

He also said that they were “a product that we hope won’t be something that we need to stock for the long term, but certainly something we all need for the ‘current normal'”.

Tony modelling the new Selwyn face mask (credit: Ryder & Amies)

We’re used to going to Ryder & Amies for more traditional forms of Cambridge stash – gowns, college sweatshirts, or a college bear to cuddle up with during these cold and socially-distanced nights. If you’re thinking of going the whole hog and demonstrating your absolute college devotion, be warned: there’s a price. If you’re looking at buying a college t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, socks and a face mask, you’re looking at almost £90. But for that amount of college pride, it’s sure to be worth it, right?

Whether these face masks will become as iconic as the puffer jacket or even the gown remains to be seen – I for one am looking forward to never having to say which college I’m at again. If you’re interested in buying your college face mask – or, pretending that you’re at Trinity and buying one of theirs – then check out the collection here

Featured image credit: Izzy Dignum, Anthony O’Neil, Ryder & Amies