Izzy Dignum

Izzy Dignum
Cambridge University


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EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to the Camfess admins, and the tea was scalding

One Camfession even sparked a yellow misinformation warning from the Zuck

Interview: Dr Ben Warne, the man behind Cambridge’s asymptomatic testing scheme

He sends us emails, we send him our swabs, but what does Dr Ben Warne think of the programme, student participation, and its impact?

An extremely in depth article about what your choice of face mask says about you

Camfess, this one’s for you x

0.3 per cent of Cambridge students tested last week have asymptomatic COVID-19

11 students screened in the asymptomatic testing programme in the week 5th – 11th October have tested positive

What’s on at the Cambridge Union in Michaelmas 2020

Where else could you see Gemma Collins, Theresa May and Ted Cruz, all in one term?

Number of Black freshers at Cambridge rises by over 50 per cent for the year 2020-21

137 Black undergraduate students have been admitted this year, a 50% rise on the pervious academic year

Round Two: Join The Cambridge Tab Team in Michaelmas 2020

Apply by Saturday 10th October!

Trinity College students may have accommodation withdrawn if they break COVID rules

The College’s latest guidelines have been criticised as ‘Vile behaviour that will hit disadvantaged students hardest’

Cambridge falls to 6th in 2021 World University Rankings, whilst Oxford comes out on top

Cambridge has dropped three places from third, its lowest position since 2014

Cambridge University could start needle-free coronavirus vaccine trials this autumn

The vaccine could protect humans from COVID-19 as well as other future coronaviruses

Meet the Cambridge freshers singing to raise money for cancer charities

In memory of Katie MacRae, the incoming choral scholars have made a lockdown version of ‘Let My Love Be Heard’

‘The naked truth’: Extinction Rebellion activists strip off on King’s College lawn

They ‘exposed themselves to expose the truth’

‘Stop playing games with our future’: XR Cambridge play croquet on Senate House lawn

‘Essentially, we are saying to the University: stop being evil.’

Five genuinely essential things that every Cambridge fresher will forget to pack

But don’t worry, Wilko will probably stock it

Extinction Rebellion grafitti signs and pillars on Sidgwick Site and Mill Lane

The action is part of their divestment campaign against the University of Cambridge

Face masks with Cambridge College crests on sale from Ryder and Amies

Stash, but make it 2020

Extinction Rebellion launch divestment campaign against University of Cambridge

‘We cannot and will not wait any longer’

Here are (some of) the Cambridge pubs opening this weekend

Here are the places you can get your hands on those sweet £4 pints we’ve been missing!

Extinction Rebellion Youth Cambridge graffiti Caius ‘Gate of Honour’

They have written the message ‘Eugenics is Genocide. Fisher Must Fall’

‘Eugenics is Genocide. Fisher Must Fall’ graffitied by XR on Cambridge college building

They have written the message ‘Eugenics is Genocide. Fisher Must Fall’

I tried to make my own May Ball in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

And you all thought that Trinity was the hottest ticket in town

‘At least we get a few more lie ins’: Cambridge offer holders react to the prospect of online lectures

‘How well can you get to know someone via a Zoom call?’

Every type of student in an (online) lecture

Even if you can’t see them, they’re still there

The Cambridge Tab in 2010: The Sun, sex, and stupidity

What made The Cambridge Tab’s headlines in April 2010?

How to feel productive with minimal effort: A self-isolation guide

Low-effort, high-productivity? The life secrets you always wanted

I used wikiHow to plan my Valentine’s Day

Because how else would I do it?

I lived the life of a Mathmo for a day and it was so intense

I don’t know how they do it