There’s an Instagram account for Cambridge’s 2020 freshers and it’s so heartwarming

We interviewed the freshers behind it

A new Cambridge Instagram account popped up about a week ago, and it’s already put the Grid of Faces to shame.

@Cambridgeuniversity2020 is a page dedicated to the University’s upcoming freshers, featuring pictures of them, a short bio, and even their personal Instagram handle, so they can connect with each other before term starts!

It’s a wholesome little network that hosts group chats, icebreaker quiz nights and Q&A’s – and it’s already featured over 50 freshers. The concept was so heartwarming, I (naturally) decided to be nosey, and so spoke to some of the current offer-holders, the owner, and admins. In doing so, I discovered that there has even been drama between Cambridge and Oxf*rd’s Instagram fresher pages (because when isn’t there at least a little bit of drama)?

The Freshers

Below are some of their profiles, alongside their thoughts on next term (interrogated by yours truly):

Elsa, Offer Holder at Downing (History)

What are you most looking forward to as a Fresher?

“(If Corona doesn’t get in the way), nights out, making new friends, and living in Cambridge as it’s really pretty!”

What are you most concerned about?

“I think the academic pressure from working amongst very diligent and intelligent people is something that makes me uneasy.”

Kefeshe, Offer Holder at Jesus (HSPS)

What are you most looking forward to as a Fresher?

“I am most looking forward to meeting like-minded young people to discuss things I actually care about, but to also learn new things about different people and individual cultures. And of course, I am excited for experiencing new sports and societies, and perhaps participating in some friendly competition with other universities.”

What are you most concerned about?

“Developing a sort of Imposter Syndrome about studying at Cambridge. I was not always very academic and had to work hard in school just to get the same grade as my peers. The process of applying was extremely challenging but I really wanted to push myself, and I’m glad I’ve done so.”

Thomas, Offer Holder at Peterhouse (History and Politics)

What are you most looking forward to as a Fresher?

“I would say I’m looking forward to starting rehearsals with the chapel choir, to the freedom, joining societies, and formal hall!”

What are you most concerned about?

“I can’t say I’m really looking forward to the workload or to having to look after myself.”

The Beef With Oxf*rd

It’s friendly beef (of course), but that doesn’t make it any less juicy. The terms of the bet were simple: the first one to reach 1000 followers would win, the loser having to post a forfeit on their page. It was pretty neck-and-neck (both are over 1000 followers as of writing this article) – but a bit of help from a familiar face pushed Cambridge out on top…

Our Lord and Saviour, PaigeY

And what was their forfeit, I wonder? Yet another familiar face… @olliedennis16’s “Oxf*rd vs Cambridge Tiktok” (pro-Cambridge, of course), which was featured on The Tab just a few days ago, was shamefully posted on oxfordunifreshers2020.

They were very good sports about the whole thing – that is, until they made their account private. Tsk tsk. But it’s okay, you can still watch it and show support on Ollie’s Tiktok account.

The Owner and The Admins

They, understandably, wish to remain anonymous, but they were the loveliest bunch and were so helpful! They’re also in the double digits, so, I had a lot to work with. Here are some of my favourite responses.

What inspired you to start cambridgeuniversity2020? 

“I saw that other uni’s had one already, and saw how good a ob it did at connecting Freshers for them, especially during lockdown. I waited around and realised no one was making one for us and so I decided to do it myself, anonymously. I put my own spin on it, however, to make it more engaging than other pages by doing QandAs with current students, hosting competitions and getting other accounts involved such as other Fresher pages, PaigeY, college JCR accounts, and many current students; all of whom kindly helped us out.” – The Owner

Do you have any advice for future freshers?

“Believe in yourself… even if the odds look daunting, you have something special that Cambridge could benefit from!” – Admin

“Take the plunge! Diving into group chats and getting in touch with people online has made me much more excited for uni than I already was. For someone (like me) who’s naturally shy, talking to people online first has really helped!” – Admin

“Facebook is the best place to start finding fellow students – go find them and connect with them!” – Admin

Do you have anything to say to oxf*rdunifreshers2020?

“Bad luck, but honestly what did you expect? ;)” – Admin

“I’m glad I chose to apply to Cambridge instead of Oxf*rd. It all makes sense now.” – Admin

“Even though we asserted our dominance in the social media department, it’s important to acknowledge the achievements of both universities, especially given the current COVID crisis.” – Admin

“To oxf*rdunifreshers, you’ve taken two consecutive losses but we respect that you’ve handled them like champs (apart from making your account private so none of our followers could see your forfeit.” – The Owner

So, you’re up to date: now go follow cambridgeuniversity2020 and have a look. If you’re a fresher, “take the plunge” and take part – and if you’re already a student, like me, snoop! I’ve already started looking out for my potential college kids. And good luck to all current offer-holders: I can already tell 2020 is going to be a great year for Freshers!