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In pictures: the Cambridge UCU strike

“We need the Vice-Chancellor to act, to say something”

Industrial action is taking place in Cambridge until the end of the academic term (4th December) as a result of unsustainable workloads, pension changes, a 19.6% gender pay gap, and a 20% pay cut since 2009.

One History Faculty lecturer told us that he supports the strike because "the workload has become unmanageable, and this is detrimental to students, staff, and the quality of education". Another academic said with a sigh, "in 2018, we didn't expect to be back here, but we're here to hold our universities to account".

From Sidgwick protesters to Billy Bragg, scroll below to see the strike in pictures.

Billy Bragg performing on King's Parade

History Faculty members protesting at Sidgwick Site

History Faculty members ft. a generous cake provider

A member of the Geography Faculty in solidarity with the strike

A Sidgwick protester

A graduate student protests with other academics at Sidgwick Site

Some more Sidgwick strikers

Protesters on King's Parade

"An injury to one is an injury to all"

A UCU picketer speaking to crowds outside Senate House

Protesters on King's Parade

Christ's College students supporting their lecturers

Protesters marching towards Market Square

A protester striking for the future on Downing Street

"We earned it, we deserve it, we demand it."


All photos the author's own