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Procrastination: A ‘how to’ guide

Sharing my wealth of experience

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Now that it's exam term, instead of working harder, I seem to be doing anything but revising! Stopping all the extra curriculars, beginning to learn content, perfecting my exam technique? Who does that? Not me! Here is my guide on how to achieve the peak levels of avoidance I seem to have mastered!

Watching TV

This was unintentional; I accidentally paid for Amazon Prime last month and arrived this term blissfully unaware of the quantity of content available to me. Upon discovering that New Girl and Glee were a click away, I have spent more time with them than I have my revision notes (I'm into season 3 of New Girl! I'm obsessed with Nick and Jess!! Their love is perfect!!!)


For the single gal such as myself, Tinder is pretty much a requirement to have. However, actively replying to people, prior to this term, wasn't really something I did. Now, everyone and anyone who messages me just "hey" gets a really enthusiastic response. To anyone I've matched with, if it was this term I promise I'm not weird. If it was last term I'm sorry for airing you, it's not you it's me .

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I still have some dignity – he didn't get a reply

Getting into a relationship

Having to actually commit to consistently spending time with someone means there's less time in the day for revision!! Also literally EVERYONE I know seems to be getting with people – sex is an effective way of dealing with stress to be fair to them.

Distracting your friends (or anyone that will listen to you)

Seeing your the other people from your staircase in the gyp and then not leaving for 2 hours is a pattern that I seem to have fallen into on the regular.

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Sitting in the gyp, catching up over a Connie the Caterpillar – what more could two friends need?

Being productive, but not doing work

Throwing myself into the conference I agreed to help organise in Michaelmas, agreeing to help out with my friends play, writing articles for The Tab; all productive activities but will any of them get me a 2:1? No! (lol I've way over committed myself someone help me pls)

Leaving Cambridge

Not being in Cambridge, away from the library, how can you access books? Guess you can't revise anymore then! Getting away from Cambridge, seeing people outside of the bubble is one of the healthiest ways of procrastinating, and I actually 100% recommend. Taking time for yourself is very important.

Enjoying the sun

Now it's Summer, the Sun is out (except for on C Sunday this year) and sitting on a punt and getting pissed has become a cute, fun activity instead of an ironic one, taking the piss out of tourists. Sunshine is good for your mental health and so this one is also very justifiable.

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Create wholesome cute memories!

If you couldn't already tell, I will use pretty much anything to procrastinate. With exam term, taking time out from revision and spending time relaxing or occupying yourself elsewhere can help so much to cope with this crazy place that is Cambridge.