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CUSU elections 2019: Meet the candidates

Every role is contested this year


It's that time of year again when as a student body we get to decide who's going to represent us for the next year. Love them or not, CUSU sabbs are important (I mean surely the fact they are above the BNOC list says something…)

This year should be an interesting competition as all of the roles are contested and there's all kinds of different people running. In the words of the current president, Evie Aspinall: "I'm incredibly pleased that all the sabbatical positions are contested this year with a wide variety of candidates standing. I think it is testament to the hard work we have put in this year in engaging students and hope this will also result in an increased voter turnout as well."

So, who could be standing up for you next year?

CUSU President

Edward Parker Humphreys – HSPS, Jesus

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I was previously JCR President at Jesus and have helped lead the Living Wage Campaign, as well being a former Co-Chair of the Labour Club. My manifesto is focused on standing up for students and delivering genuine change at both a university and college level by working closely with JCRs and MCRs. If elected, I will take action to improve access, working to secure discounted bursary tickets for May Balls and pushing for better post-graduate funding, and make sure that student welfare always comes first, with a particular focus on loneliness, student workload and campaigning for an end to afternoon teaching on Wednesdays

Shadab Ahmed – Natsci, Christ's

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I'm Shadab and I'm the current CUSU Access and Funding Officer. I'm
taking a year out from Natural Sciences (Chemistry!) to fight the good
fight to make Cambridge a more accessible university. I'm at Christ's,
which holds a bunch of different memories; rowing, singing and a good
old bop. Find me out and about this week, on the lecture sites or on the
dance floor so I can show you why I am the best candidate for

Access & Funding Officer

Ashley Woodvine – Philosophy Student at Catz, former Access Officer on their JCR, worked on CUSU class Act and is a team member for InsideUni

Lily-Rose Sharry – Estranged student and Carers representative on CUSU Class Act, HSPS student at Robinson

Disabled Students' Officer

Jess O'Brien – Law Student at Tit Hall, is currently on the Disabled Students Campaign for Access and Socials as well as being Disabilities Officer at her college.

Beth Walters – Studies English Lit at Queen's, was Disabilities Officer in her first year and wants to use her experience of intermitting to help others.

Education Officer

Ali Hyde – Former president of CUSU LGBT+, former VP of Downing JCR and former co-chair of CULC, HSPS student at (unsurprisingly) Downing

Howard Chae – History Student at Magdalene, a big name in the Cambridge Decolonisation Network and has been involved in CUSU BME's campaign

Women's Officer

Kate Litman – History Student at Medwards, where she has been a rent campaigner

Finley Kidd – Former section editor for TCS and an English Lit student at Newnham

Ethical Affairs Officer

Alice Gilderdale – Robinson Student, part of the team that creates BAIT zine, currently holds this position

Jake Simms – Christ's Student, also currently holds this position. They have been the Green Officer in Christ's JCR and have campaigned for both Zero Carbon and the Living Wage.

GU President

Alessandro Ceccarelli

Devarchan Banerjee

Jack Chadwick

GU-CUSU Welfare & Rights Officer

Cici Carey-Stuart

Stella Swain

Voting for all positions opens on Tuesday, so we have a weekend of campaigning ahead !