The Tab Blind Date: APPLY!

New year, new you.

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Are you single? Are you tired of your relationship status being the butt of every family joke? Are you bored of mindlessly swiping through dating apps (and definitely not just bored because there's no one left to actually swipe through)?

Me too, my friend.

Fear not, hope is absolutely not lost (for you at least). It's time to SWIPE RIGHT and get involved with The Tab Blind Date!

This could be us but you haven't filled out a Tab Blind Date application.

"How does it work?" I hear you ask. Simply send us an application, and we'll find you a match. All you have to do is show up to the date (and give us the lowdown afterwards for your experiences to be written into an article!).

If you're down to meet the Love of Your Life™, drop your friendly neighbourhood matchmakers (Hollie and Izzy) an email to [email protected]. Please include your name, college, subject, year, gender and matching preference, as well as short answers to the following questions:

– What are you hoping to get out of this blind date?

– Describe yourself in three words.

– ….Now describe your "type" in three words.

– How do you occupy your spare time?

– If you had to be a biscuit, which one and why?

– Early bird or night owl?

– Any pet peeves?

– Do you have a party trick/odd nickname/interesting fact about yourself? Tell us about it.

– Favourite emoji?

– Cindies or Turf? (Or neither).

Please note that by applying to The Tab Blind Date you are consenting to being featured in a follow-up short interview article after the date has occurred.

Applications close midnight Saturday 13th January. You have a higher chance of getting a date through us than getting on Love Island, so what are you waiting for to be honest.

And for all of those who want all the blind dating, but more of the privacy, look out for RAG Blind Date also coming back this term!

Single Cambs, reveal yourself.