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A guide to the perfect Bridgemas

How to properly *sleigh* your Cam Christmas


Its the most wonderful time of the year… a month early. But yeah, you'll get used to it. To all those freshers who upon hearing the word 'Bridgemas' suffer that familiar sense of confusion that they usually only experience during the Monday 9am, Bridgemas is the Cambridge equivalent to Christmas, celebrated on 25th Nov, as most of us will be escaping the bubble before December properly kicks in.

Like most things at Cambridge, this makes little sense, but no matter, let's roll with it.

To all those (like myself) who pretty much LIVE for Christmas from the beginning of the 'er' months (SeptembER, OctobER, NovembER, come on you get the picture), Bridgemas is the ideal opportunity to start a-jingling your bells earlier than the normal human. It gives you the chance to basically have a mini celebration with your friends without the stresses of family festivities that await many of us upon return.

Bridgemas is the chance for those Christmas crazies out there to celebrate however the hell they want. No rules apply. However, here are just a few handy hints and tips that may get you on your way in your mission of merriment.

Buckle down and tinsel up. Bridgemas be a-swingin' and bells be a-ringin'.

Deck those halls my friends

Show your neighbours just how committed to xmas you really are with the addition of a wreath or a little tinsel round your door. If you're REALLY creative have a go at making one yourself, but, let's be honest, its week 8, can you be bothered??

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A tad extra yes but eh its xmas

Festive feasting

Why not escape the formalities (and alcohol limit) of xmas formal and have a dinner with your mates outside college? Many of the pubs and restaurants around Cam do xmas group bookings and its a good way to get a final catch-up in before you all depart at the end of term.

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If you don't feel a sense of indignity wearing a cracker hat are you kidding your 'elf?

Suit up

Xmas also only means one thing. Xmas jumpers. Whether you love em or hate em you can't deny that they put you in the spirit. Some colleges even let you wear them to xmas formal so…

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'Naff' is the new edgy

Carols galore

If you get a bit bored of the Michael Buble's Christmas album on repeat for the 14th time (though the man has a voice like hot brandy butter over xmas pudding god DAMN) the uni has PLENTY of concerts going on to keep the songbird inside you satisfied. Whether you're a believer or not, college chapel advent services are a particularly good way to experience some high-class caroling (usually for free). There may even be the offer of a free mince pie or sherry afterwards…

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These are usually the busiest services of the year so get there early


Opening up your staircase for an end-of-term/Bridgemas party is a great way to finish the term with a bang. Boil batches of mulled wine, buy Aldi mince pies in bulk, go berserk, after surviving Michaelmas you definitely deserve it. Get xmas crazy with your mates and maybe even go for it with your crush under the mistletoe…just be careful of how many mulled wines you have beforehand…

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Don't overdo the xmas spirits

And finally… RELAX

You've survived!! For all you freshers, this marks the end of your first term at Cam, no easy feat. The end of Michelmas is the time for you to let your hair down sure, but also to settle down and praise the LORD that that final essay is now in. Have a few lie ins, grab some pints with yer pals, watch cheesy xmas movies in bed with a large hot chocolate. Bridgemas comes but once a year.