Become a Lifestyle Columnist for the Tab

You know you want to

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Never before have we seen columns like these. 

The Tab remains, as we’re sure you’re well aware by now, Cambridge’s most-read student paper. For Easter 2017, we’re looking for four lifestyle columnists to join us.

We are looking for columnists to spice up the lives of Cantabs in the following categories:


Whether you’re into drum and bass or Bach, counterpoint or Chief Keef, if you know what’s on in Cambridge we want to hear from you. Preferably you’re interested in a bit of everything, but equally if you think you’ve got good stuff to share on one area in particular don’t be shy.

Want to review a rave?


Writing on food in Cambridge is great. There’s always the chance for a free meal in return for a review. If you’re great in the gyp, super clued-up on the best college brunches, want to review College formals or just really really into grilled cheese (because same) here’s your chance to tell the world.

Your chance to eat out every week


If getting dressed in the morning (or afternoon, or evening…) is the best part of your day, this one’s for you. This term you’ll have the chance to cover May Week looks as well as the all important summer wardrobe, including what to wear for exams, perhaps?

Think you can give her a run for her money?


Sex is so great but it can also be pretty confusing. From real life tips to amusing tales, what vibrator to buy or how to get into bondage, you could help the sadly under-sex-educated student body of Cambridge to learn a little more about it. Don’t worry, you can write under a pseudonym to stave off the eyes of employers.

Do you have saucy secrets to share with the Cambridge community?

To apply, send us an email with your name, college, CRSid and phone number to [email protected] by midnight on this Friday, 24th March, with answers to the following questions… 

What do you love about the Tab?

What don’t you love about the Tab?

What would you do with your column?

And why should we choose you?

Also, if you’ve got an example of your work, send us a copy, but it’s by no means a necessity.

If you’re hesitating, make like Nike and Just Do It. For reals. It’s serious experience and the team is great.