An Inconvenient Truth: Student documentary captures hearts of Jesuans

A much-anticipated documentary on the College’s cafeteria mobilised almost 100 students to watch its debut

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Jesus College student Ron Mulvey has finally unveiled the full-length version of his documentary “Caff: An Inconvenient Truth” protesting against the prices and portion sizes of the Jesus cafeteria.

Last month, The Tab interviewed Ron Mulvey and covered the release of the trailer for a documentary made by Jesus students complaining about “Caff”, their college food outlet. The full documentary was previewed on Monday evening to an audience of almost 100 people in the Jesus College JCR before it was released onto YouTube earlier today.

Ron was received with rapturous applause before the viewing, telling the audience that “when I was younger my mum used to tell me that one ant can only pick up one grain of rice. But ten ants can take down a whole grasshopper. That’s the message I wanted to convey in this film more than anything: The message of unity.”

They seem like they get on fine here

Ron has spent the last month since his interview with The Tab refining the documentary. It began with a quote from Virginia Woolf: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

The documentary featured everything from Ron Mulvey in a lab coat measuring the weight of a squirt of ketchup, to one interviewee’s “breaking down” because of the anguish which Caff has put them through.

The same interviewee, Sophie O’Reilly, who discussed vegetarian options in the documentary, was so overwhelmed at the screening that she confessed that she shed a few tears.

Patrick Sylla, who was “struggling to provide for his college family” in the documentary, compared the filmmaker to a wizard, going on to say that the film has “made one small step towards a brighter future for a better dinner.”

Mulvey told The Tab: “I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. Definitely a highlight of my term.”

The recently elected CUSU President for 2016/2017, Amatey Doku, also made an appearance in the documentary and the screening.

However, the grand reveal in the JCR, where nearly 100 students were gathered, was interrupted by a porter who stated that the room was “far beyond capacity” and that this was a fire hazard. After the ensuing negotiations, Mulvey stated that he would show the documentary twice in order to ensure that all the people who had to leave could watch the 15-minute long documentary.

A fire waiting to happen

Since the release of his trailer, the infamous ‘Ketchup Tax’, a 20p charge for a “squirt” of ketchup, has been abolished, and last week it was revealed that Caff would be offering cheaper main courses from the beginning of next term. The Tab contacted the Domestic Bursar of the college regarding the documentary and its impact but we never received a response.

Ron’s mantra that “things happen when people come together” was here fulfilled. His documentary not only managed to capture the college community’s heart in the biggest ever JCR turnout, but Jesus’ dream to pay “£1 for twenty, or maybe even thirty chips” seems to be closer than ever.

Watch the full documentary below.