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Does Student Government Matter?

The Girton JCR President weighs in.

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Murray Edwards JCR makes statement against President Dame Barbara

The JCR has called into question whether Barbara should remain President

Pembroke students vote to keep scholars’ ballot

The motion won by just 7 votes

News Column: Fire-fighting fears, battling bees and library loos

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you


Yeah, this thing again

Queens’ students angered by changes to ballot system

They’re royally dissatisfied

DEAR SON: Anti-Immigration letter sent to JCRs

“Dad” is back.

Oxford votes YES to a disaffiliation referendum

OUSU decides to put NUS disaffiliation to a vote while the CUSU referendum decision will be made next week.

Churchill JCR crisis: College BNOC banned by ‘fun police’


Feel the Verne: Pembroke ditch “culturally appropriative” bop theme Around the World in 80 Days

Students divided into two camps over whether the JCR is restricting their freedom of expression or preventing offence towards ethnic minorities

An Inconvenient Truth: Student documentary captures hearts of Jesuans

A much-anticipated documentary on the College’s cafeteria mobilised almost 100 students to watch its debut

Queens’ College BANS trying to live near friends in brutal ballot shakeup

Students argue the college is repeatedly ignoring student concerns over the new arrangements.

AMATEY DOKU: “I want to associate myself with the cool kids.”

We spoke to JCSU bigwig Amatey Doku, who is running for CUSU President.

Lights Out! Churchill power-cut plunges college into darkness

Power, politics, and a barbecue in the car park.

VOMERTON: College bans bops after bodily fluids get out of hand

It was a messy night

Fitz in shock as goat vandals wreak havoc

“For the love of goat, let sleeping goats lie” – Fitz’s billy goat mascot

The party’s over: John’s pisses on CUSU’s reading week parade

CUSU left out in the cold as John’s unites to shun reading week plan

Cambridge gangs up on fur supplier

Student politicians are getting a little hot under the collar…

Joker BJ Daley wins Christ’s election

Cambridge is seeing a seismic shift in the way student politics works as disillusioned students thrust Ben Daley and his disarming manifesto into Christ’s JCR presidency.

Christ’s JCR pres nominee battles hypnotist with hilarious manifesto

BJ Daley to take on hypotist in the presidential race