Christ’s fellow to head Grenfell Tower inquiry

The retired judge has attracted controversy for his previous rulings

Tit Hall student burnt in fryer fire

It seems their chips were a bit overcooked.

Cambridge things we’d throw on the bonfire

Because, sometimes it can feel like everything’s going up in flames

BREAKING: Student set on fire at Jesus Green

An Air Ambulance was called to Jesus Green this afternoon

An Inconvenient Truth: Student documentary captures hearts of Jesuans

A much-anticipated documentary on the College’s cafeteria mobilised almost 100 students to watch its debut

Tale of two fires: Trinity and Tivoli Spoons threatened by flames

Yesterday, Cambridge almost had its very own Great Fire.

Tab Tries: Walking on fire

Walking on burning coals. Because

Cripple in Cambridge – Week 3

In Mental Health Week ABBI BROWN takes a break from being our in-house cripple to become our in-house clinical depressive.

Sparks fly as Churchill Hall fire leaves students fuming

Chaos broke out during Churchill dinner this evening after a fire in the kitchens forced hundreds of students to leave their meals untouched.

Playing with Fire – the Cambridge Student Circus

A troupe of wacky Cantabs have run away to join the circus – The Tab gets to the bottom of what they’re all about.

Fire At The Museum

Last night firefighters rushed to the department of Earth Sciences to prevent a potentially devastating fire.

Cambridge Cops In The Capital

Riot police from Cambridgeshire police force were called to London last night to help tackle the worst bout of violence in the capital since the Brixton Riots.

UPDATE: Fiery Debate: Oxford Union Revellers Burn Books

The President of the Oxford Union has admitted that books were burnt at the handover dinner and has launched an investigation.

‘Fire In The Red Light District’ Ignites Controversy

Emma have been forced to change the theme of their bop after the original ‘Fire in the Red Light District’ theme proved too controversial.

Baron of Beef Avoids A Roasting

The Baron of Beef pub was indebted to two off-duty firemen when paper left in an oven sparked a fire on Monday afternoon.

Chem Eng Inferno Narrowly Averted

Fire at faculty, as fireman jokes “I’d have had the whole building come down”.