BEST BUMS IS BACK: Do you have Cambridge’s divinest derrière?

A whole year has passed, Cantabs have evolved – expect this year’s bums to be peachier than ever

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It’s that time of year again. John Lewis has just released its (bizarre) 2015 Xmas ad. Cambridge is in the depths of Week Five (capitalised and all). The Tab is back looking for an ass we can all get behind.

This year’s best bums competition is now officially open for entries.

Last year was a good bunch, but we are confident that you can do better. If John Lewis did it, so can you.

This year’s entries will be judged by you, our perfect, procrastinating readership (and anybody who comes to the site through one of the many million other Tabs that now exist in the UK and US). But we also have a few pointers to ensure your entry is truly ass-stounding.

1. Location

We say this every year because it’s so important. Important that, in a picture-postcard place like Cambridge, you don’t waste the opportunity to smear some of the most romantic backdrops in the country.

We want to see you and your bum in some of the most iconic and crazy locations in Cambridge. Not that The Tab endorses sacrilegious behaviour, but your bum will brighten up King’s Chapel like nothing else.

Surprise the porters

Also recommended are bridges: King’s bridge, Orgasm bridge, the Mathematical bridge. Perhaps even hang down from one of them. But remember health and safety, obvs.

2. Camera-y stuff

No crappy pictures please. Excessive pixelation is a violation.

Good lighting is key.

Framing also helps.

3. Peachiness

It goes without saying. This is absolutely ass-sential.

Can you do better?

The WINNER will get the chance to become a BNOC and get a photo of them on Students of Cambridge.

So do you have a great bum? Failing that, can you think of a creative Cambridge location which will flatter even the most average of arses?

Get your friend to take a picture and send it to [email protected]

The competition closes at midnight on 22nd November 2015.