Pitt Club accepts women for first time in history

Exclusive Cambridge club finally takes Pitt-y on women.

Cambridge Pitt Club pitt club Pitt Club women

In a modernising move following a trial period earlier in the year, the Pitt Club has decided to open its doors to female kind.

Debates on the topic began in January, when plans were laid to admit females to their daily lunch for three weeks.

The presence of those lacking y chromosomes appears to have been a success, as the historically exclusive club has decided to accept the other half of the population once and for all – albeit only while the sun is up.

Women welcome! (during the day)

Sources have confirmed that the traditionally testosterone-filled organisation will now be letting in women during daylight hours. The vote took place Thursday evening and the motion was passed with a 71% majority.

Medwards Fresher Lenka Elekova said “it’s a small step towards equal membership. I only hope they don’t force us to make their lunch”.

Girls will continue to be allowed after dark, but only as guests accompanied by a member. Lucky things…