Cambridge defy ending of AS levels

The scrapping of AS level exams from 2015 may have brought resounding relief throughout the country, but not in the Cambridge Admissions office.

2015 AS Levels Cambridge tab cambridge

Mike Sewell, the Cambridge Director of Admissions, has sent a letter to every school and sixth-form college in the country asking them to continue with AS Level exams, despite a new government regulation that only final year exams will count towards the A level grade.

In the letter Cambridge said they “strongly encourage” schools to continue with the AS exams, which are a “robust indicator” of how well students will perform at university.

Students can still take AS levels as stand-alone courses but they will be separate to the ultimate A level grade. AS levels will remain compulsory in Wales and North Ireland however.

Yay! More exams for Cambridge


Husna, a Philosophy student at King’s, thinks it would be wise to free students from the annual grind of public exams:

“Ever since GCSEs spring-time has meant being shut indoors revising and stressing. Teenagers should have a chance to work for themselves instead of constantly having to think of results.”

Others have reacted angrily to the letters, seeing Cambridge as prioritising what makes their own admissions process easier to what is in the best interests of teenagers.

No more revision-free summers if you want to come to Cambridge! Wonder how that’ll look on the prospectus…