Boozy Cantabs: The Dirty Details

What’s been going on in your college? Read all the juicy details of Cantab crimes

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In the second part of our boozy colleges investigation, we reveal all the juicy details of what you’ve been up to.

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19 instances of “drunk and incapable/disorderly” students. £100 fine each, five hours of community service each, apology, referral to Tutor

Just another John's set

Just another John’s set

Sidney Sussex

“Misbehaviour” by guests of college society Porters. Guests ejected.

Complaints from Portugal St residents about anti-social behaviour by Sports Club. Bar ban, formal warning, apology letter.

Fresher taken to A&E in freshers week. No punishment.

Complaints over second-year party. One term party ban, apology.

Three instances of “late night disturbance” by second-years.  Formal apology.

Third-years damaged college property. Four hours of community service.

Messy third-year hostel. Banned from May Ball, charged unspecified amount.


“Drunk and disorderly conduct.” £100 fine.


“Rowdy and unacceptable behaviour in Hall.” 14 students banned from Hall for a term.


Drunken property damage by eight students. Two hours of community service each.


Two incidents of “excessive consumption of alcohol.” Unspecified collective fine.

She wouldn't say how much the fine was

She won’t tell us how much the fines were


Society event out of control. £200 fine and £100 cleaning charge.

“The Dean has also spoken to several individual students and several groups of students concerning the following: alcohol and behaviour, alcohol and the behaviour of guests, and the consumption of alcohol in various rooms.”


“Inappropriate behaviour” by society. £200 for damage and £250 (fine suspended)

Eight instances of “inappropriate behaviour in the bar.” Punishment ranges from three hours of unpaid work to a £100 fine and year long bar ban.


32 incidents reported to The Tab. Unspecified amount of community service.

The Senior Tutor contacted The Tab to stress alcohol was not necessarily the sole cause these incidents.


“Inappropriate” behaviour. No punishment

Ten instances of “disruptive behaviour.” Banned from college bar and ‘Party Room’, unpaid work, apology, unspecified charity donation, threat of eviction.


Two drunken hospitalisations. £50 each.

Six instances of boozy disrespect to Porters. 55 hours of community service in total.

“Repeated alcohol abuse” and “run-ins” with the Porters. Banned from residence for ten days, £100 fine.

Abuse to Police Officers and Paramedics. £50 fine.

Sick on carpet. Unspecified charge.

Sick in communal kitchen. £60 charge.

Won't quite do it - we were fined more than £3,110 for pissups

Won’t quite do it – we were fined more than £3,110 for pissups


Drunks on roof. Unspecified charge for roof repair.

“Four students caused a serious disruption in Formal Hall during an exchange dinner with another College.” Warning and apology.


Four instances of damage to college property. A warning and three fines of £25 each.

External alcohol at College event and abuse of staff. £50 fine and temporary bar ban.

“Potentially endangering another person.” £50 fine.

One student “behaving drunkenly on 3 occasions in one week.” £25 fine and temporary bar ban.


Colleges that don’t appear on the list don’t have records of alcohol-related discipline. Caius, Catz, Queens and Eddies, though, refused to respond to our FOIs within the statutory period.