Street Style: Bikes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT checks out Cambridge’s sweetest rides.

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There are many different species of Cambridge cyclists.

There are the pious, who have two lights, a helmet and a high-viz jacket so eye-peelingly bright that small planets begin to orbit around them as they go by. There are the petty crims, who breeze past Sainsburys the wrong way, ignoring the honks of cab drivers and listening to Shaggy on their iPods. There are the speeders, who refuse to stop at all pedestrians/buggies, and whose main creed is never to put their foot on the ground. And there are the hipsters who pimp their rides with flowers and paint, spending an inordinately long amount of time locking up, just in case Matt from Homerton sees them and deduces that they own a beautiful bicycle, and would probably make a good wife.

I’ve gone through three bikes now: Shadowfax, Timothy and my latest honey, T Pain. Though I never decorated any of them I respect those who do. In a city where biking is the main mode of transport, having a cool ride is important. Here are some of Cambridge’s finest.

Garden of Eden

Yellow Power Ranger


Elegance itself


Ring my bell

Little wheels, big heart

T Pain