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Leaf Arbuthnot


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Post Exams Freedom Playlist

LEAF ARBUTHNOT provides the perfect ambiance to emerge into the real world post-exams.

How to Digest Your Revision Notes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT recommends the best ways to digest your notes.

Street Style: Anti-Normcore

LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives us street style with pizzazz.

Give A Toss

Purchase an apron, it’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow! LEAF ARBUTHNOT prepares you to ace Pancake Day.

Bicycle Philosophy

LEAF ARBUTHNOT finds food for thought in Bike City.

Love Art After Dark

LEAF ARBUTHNOT enjoys an evening of infectious intellectuality at Love Art After Dark.

Street Style: The Great Unknown

LEAF ARBUTHNOT discovers how the stylish are dealing with Cambridge’s cray weather.

Leaf’s Lines

Sink into the sultrily whimsical imagination of LEAF ARBUTHNOT.

Winter Warmers

January blues getting you down? LEAF ARBUTHNOT is on hand to help with some delectable comfort food

Footnotes – Voices of Degenerate Music

LEAF ARBUTHNOT enjoys a night of thought-provoking opera in Trinity College Chapel.

Street Style: Bikes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT checks out Cambridge’s sweetest rides.

Tab Tests: Mince Pies

LEAF ARBUTHNOT tries out a ton of mince pies, for the good of one and all.

The New Chippy: Coast

LEAF ARBUTHNOT checks out the new chippy on Trinity Street. Cheap – or not so cheap – thrills.

Tab Tries: Fruitarianism

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a diet of only fruit? Wonder no longer…LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives it a try.

Week Five Rescue Food

LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives us her finest selection of comfort food recipes to banish the Week Five blues.

Leaf’s Lunches: Clare

Always a fan of Clare, Leaf gives this lunch 4 stars

Cooking With the Cows

LEAF ARBUTHNOT shares her recipe for Thai Green Curry and forces the cast of CowsDrinkMilk to cook it for her.

Street Style: The Men

LEAF ARBUTHNOT has been out snapping Cambridge’s best dressed men.

Le Week-End

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is happy to report that not all films about old people in Paris end in assisted suicide. Even more encouragingly, this one features Jim Broadbent smoking the ganja.

Leaf’s Lunches: Hughes Hall

In the first of the series of college buttery reviews, LEAF ARBUTHNOT reviews the food at Hughes Hall.

Fresher Street Style

Find out what the class of 2013 looks like as LEAF ARBUTHNOT hits the Cambridge streets and snaps some of our most stylish Freshers.

Flower Power

Need to give your room that wow factor? LEAF ARBUTHNOT suggests the best in potted plants

Glorious George

And so the blessed babe will be a George! But what’s in a name? LEAF ARBUTHNOT deliberates.

Death by Chocolate

LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives us three chocolate-based Easter recipes that are guaranteed to thicken your thighs.

Parisian Printemps

LEAF ARBUTHNOT, on her year abroad in la France, gives a glimpse of Parisian spring-time styles.


The French do love better than us. LEAF ARBUTHNOT has devised a Gallic spread to help you seduce that special someone.

That Shit Crepe

It’s Pancake Day! Not satisfied with your standard lemon-and-sugar, kitchen guru LEAF ARBUTHNOT displays an impressive knowledge of posh pancakes.

That shit crepe

It’s Pancake Day! Not satisfied with your standard lemon-and-sugar, kitchen guru LEAF ARBUTHNOT displays an impressive knowledge of posh pancakes.

Orange Wednesday: Cooking for Halloween

Thought she’d gone? Never. Tab legend LEAF ARBUTHNOT is back with some tasty orange-themed recipes for Halloween.

Exam Faim

LEAF ARBUTHNOT takes you through the top exams treats for the big day.

Best Revision Spots

LEAF ARBUTHNOT tries a change of scenery.

Eggs-ham Food

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is back with food to feed the brain.

Cambridge Faces

LEAF ARBUTHNOT enjoys something, but this time: it’s inedible.

Local and Delicious: Tom’s Cakes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT tucks into some of Cambridge’s tasty hidden secrets…

Pancake Pandemonium

Stand out from the crowd this Pancake Day with LEAF ARBUTHNOT’s culinary offerings.

Aphrodisiac Attack

Join LEAF ARBUTHNOT in cooking with liquid sex.

Retail Review: Hugo Boss

LEAF ARBUTHNOT checks out the latest retail offering to Cambridge Clone Town…

Haggis Hysteria

LEAF ARBUTHNOT adds some excitement to your Burns Night…

Bust The Gut Rut With Leaf

Resident cooking guru LEAF ARBUTHNOT transforms the five-a-day from chore to treat and chases the pounds away.

Cheaper Than Chips: Post-Cindies Snacks

Strapped for cash but craving post-clubbing carbs? LEAF ARBUTHNOT shows you how to create your own versions of the late-night classics mainly using cheese and microwaves. Cheap, mad, and tasty (apparently).

Spread The Love

LEAF ARBUTHNOT raids her cupboard for spreads and cooks up some tasty treats.

Leaf’s Lunches: Sidney Sussex

This week LEAF ARBUTHNOT is in Sidney Sussex, hungry and possibly kicking small children.

Tab Tries: Working Formal Hall

Soup, Serbia and absolutely no spillages: LEAF ARBUTHNOT takes her passion for the buttery one step further and works a shift as a waitress at formal hall.

Review: Denim

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is swept away on a tide of glitter, enormous wigs and Mary J Blige at the captivating, cross-dressing event ‘Denim’.

Leaf’s Lunches: Selwyn

This week LEAF ARBUTHNOT is at Selwyn, where she uncovers the solution to all your dessert dilemmas.

Pimp Your Pumpkin

LEAF ARBUTHNOT has been getting bonkers in the gip room again, and with Halloween upon us this can only mean one thing: pumpkin preparation. Leaf tells us how to sculpt your squash and what to do with it afterwards.

Leaf’s Lunches: St John’s

LEAF ARBUTHNOT has returned, throwing herself yet again at a whirlwind adventure of salad bars and till ladies. All hail to the Queen of Munch.

Love Your Microwave

LEAF’S BACK! This week, our favourite gastro-guide steers you through quality cuisine cooked solely in the microwave.

Johnny English Reborn

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is disappointed by Rowan Atkinson’s inability to make her spill at least a couple of bodily fluids in ‘Johnny English Reborn’.

Leaf’s Lunches: Tit Hall

Trinity Hall hall puts a downer on LEAF ARBUTHNOT’s Friday.


LEAF ARBUTHNOT spends some serious downtime in the little corner of California right here in Cambridge.

Leaf’s Lunches: St Catz

LEAF ARBUTHNOT give a high five to the Catz cashier lady Pam

Cath Kidston Store

LEAF ARBUTHNOT spends some comforting time in the new Cath Kidston store on Market Street.

Leaf’s Lunches: Christ’s

Leaf gives her verdict on Christ’s caff this week: a grossout of biblical proportions.

Leaf’s Lunches: Trinity

Take a cheeky peak at what it’s like to eat in another hallowed Hall. It’s Leaf, she’s lunching, and this time in Trinity.


Fiztbillies is shut (haven’t you heard?!) LEAF ARBUTHNOT explores your other options.

Leaf’s Lunches: Magdalene

Sample the first course of The Tab’s carefully-marinated reviews of uni eating-holes. First up, Magdalene.