Giant Rats Ready to Ravage Cambridge Residents

Giant mutant rats measuring up to 18 inches long have this week been terrifying residents across Cambridgeshire.

alex davis Cambridge council panic rats

The giant rodents have been found hanging around houses in Waterbeach, just 6 miles north of Cambridge and they’re probably heading southwards… 

Resident Sonja King has had rats in her house throughout 2013 and claims the largest measured a foot and a half in length.

The 52-year-old said “How long will it be before a child picks up a disease or gets a bite? How long before the plague is back?”.

Look at the size of these Beasts!

The spread appears to be linked to local authorities sacking their rat catchers, causing fear across Cambridge as council chiefs prepare to axe their own pest control team in a bid to save up to £54,000 annually.

There are also concerns that residents will resort to DIY treatments, potentially putting themselves in danger or increasing pests’ resistance to poisons.

On their website, local pest management service Abate warns that rats are “masters of survival and will adapt to suit their environment,” including your room.

Are these headed for the UL?

As recently as last October, the most venomous spider in Britain – the false widow – was spotted in Cambridge. So is it time to panic? Third year Vet Suzie certainly thinks so:

Despite regularly fondling creepy crawlies, the thought of more spiders and an army of rats approaching Cambridge is terrifying. Be scared people.”

Regrettably, The Tab would like to remind all students that “my rat ate it” isn’t a valid excuse for missing essay deadlines.