Catch all the action as CUSU tries to sort it’s shit out

University Grace on harassment WITHDRAWN

It was due to pass this afternoon

YES campaign force CUSU to campaign for class lists

It’ll be up to CUSU to make sure the opt-out happens

150 sleeping rough in Cambridge: it’s “far easier to ignore the problem than to address it”

Why more people than ever are begging on Cambridge’s streets

Oxford votes YES to a disaffiliation referendum

OUSU decides to put NUS disaffiliation to a vote while the CUSU referendum decision will be made next week.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: City Council hears plea of students

City Council in lightbulb moment

Why I hate Cambridge tourism

Sure they bring in money, but at what cost?

Giant Rats Ready to Ravage Cambridge Residents

Giant mutant rats measuring up to 18 inches long have this week been terrifying residents across Cambridgeshire.

Computer Services Short Changed

A new report suggests that the university could be getting more zeros and ones for its money.

Chill Out, Charlie

JAMES COUNSELL takes on Charlie Bell and his imaginary Trots.

Fit Councillor

In the run up to the local elections, three student politicos fight for a bigger prize: FIT COUNCILLOR.

We Demand the Right to Party

Cärlchen Jupp attacks CUSU’s decision not to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Fees For Fair Access

Uni bigwigs have agreed investments in access with the Office for Fair Access in an attempt justify trebling fees.

To The Res-CUSU

Plans to slash bursaries given to Cambridge students have been shelved thanks to CUSU’s campaign.

Bursaries Saved

The University announced this afternoon that it would be making a U-Turn on its plans to slash bursaries as part of budget cuts.

Police In Punch Up With Protestors

The police have been accused of brutality after they pepper sprayed one student and allegedly hit another over the head during yesterday’s protests.

Cuts Protesters Arrested

Police have made three arrests after protesters disrupted a Council meeting on budget cuts.

Sidney SusSEX Take The Piss

Sidney Sussex’s bursar claims that revellers use his doorway for a quick shag and a cheeky slash, prompting a complaint to the council.

The Crematorium That Cools Corpses

Cambridge City Crematorium could become the first in the country to adopt new ways of disposing of corpses, such as freezing or dissolving them.

Cambridge Boozer Baits Germans

As borderline-xenophobic sentiment sweeps the country, one Cambridge publican has plastered his pub with foot-high anti-German slogans.