To Affiliate Or Disaffiliate? You Decide

With colleges across Cambridge voting on whether or not to remain within CUSU, The Tab decides to settle the question once and for all.

affiliation caius Corpus CUSU disaffiliation Selwyn tab poll

Corpus is out. Selwyn is (just) in. This week Caius will vote. It’s CUSU disaffiliation vote season again, and it looks like this year our students’ union might be looking at a stiff reduction in its already shoestring tea and biscuits budget.

The students of any college which disaffiliates still maintain individual membership and are capable of seeking welfare and other services from CUSU; however, every college that leaves creates an ever-deepening hole in CUSU’s condom supplies.

As ever, The Tab is asking its entirely unbiased and disinterested readership the difficult questions: should we be in or out?