Police are promising a Caesarian Sunday crackdown after negotiations break down between the Caesarians and Jesus College.

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UPDATE: A member of the Caesarians contacted The Tab after the publishing of this article. He gave this statement: “There has, in fact, been no breakdown in negotiations.

“The reasons given in the Tab article for the event not being held in college are factually incorrect. We are still very much in contact with the Dean and the police.”

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After the failure of Jesus College to persuade the Caesarians – the College’s main drinking society – to move Caesarian Sunday to grounds within college, the police have promised to deal with any anti-social behaviour “robustly”.

Caesarian Sunday 2012

The event, which started as a wrestling match between the Caesarians and the Girton Green Monsters, has since become an opportunity for alcohol fuelled debauchery, seized upon by multifarious drinking societies within Cambridge.

The day has been reported widely in the national press in recent years, which consistently expresses outrage at the extent of drinking, nakedness and vomiting. Reportedly, in 2011 a pig’s head was wielded on a stick, as others downed pints of beer whilst wearing necklaces made of kippers.

Caesarian Sunday 2006

As a consequence of this frankly rather strange behaviour, the Dean of Jesus College is alleged to have attempted to persuade the Caesarians to internalise the event within College grounds – away from the prying eyes of sensationalist national tabloids.

However, Antony Bowen, a Jesus College fellow, claims that negotiations between the Dean and the society have broken down, whilst adding that the spectacle is “deeply regrettable and embarrassing” and “very unhelpful to the university”.

The traditional Jesus-Girton fight is under threat this year

The President of the Caesarians is said to have been unable to persuade his members to relocate within College grounds because they do not wish to disgrace themselves in front of Porters and Senior members within College.

It seems that the Caesarians are more wary of college authority than of the police. However, The Tab recommends that drinking societies are at least aware of Chief Inspector Neil Sloan’s warning:

“Should people decide to go to Jesus Green, there will be an appropriate police presence throughout the day to promptly resolve any incidents of anti-social behaviour and prevent any re-occurrence.”