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The trials and tribulations of 2017’s freshers

In a storm of matriculation, college admin and VKs, friends are made and legends are born.

Emma Thompson hits up Friday Life following Union appearance

The VK deal is just too good to miss

Looking after drunk students is shit – but that is not an excuse

Drunk people are fundamentally irritating

University backtracks on plans to install “drunk tanks” outside college plodges

The shocking proposal comes from Eastern Europe, where the police use them to detain drunk revellers.

Alcoholism: The dark side of Cambridge

One recovering alcoholic’s message to everyone lost at the bottom of a bottle.

JOHN’S BOYS EXPOSED: “Fine if you’ve tried having sex with a passed out girl”

Accusations of an “old school, elitist Cambridge” culture are rocking the college

I drunkenly wrote an article on pulling after a night in Cindies

Fuelled by VKs and patriarchy-smashing fervour.

Daily Mail is shocked to see Cambridge students outside

So Caesarian Sunday happened again… And the photographers were out in force

Now killjoy councillors want to breathalyse us on door of bars and clubs

Is this the end of predrinks?

Chaos at Newnham as male intruder bursts into girl’s bedroom

A mysterious collection of Y chromosomes has wreaked havoc in Newnham after they stumbled in a girl’s bedroom.

The Merrier

EMILY MARR is entertained by a well paced show that showcases some of Cambridge’s finest comedic actors

May Week Mixology

ELOISE DAVIES rustles up some magical May Week cocktails for all your Ball boozing and punt tripping needs.

Sexually frustrated during exam term?

SOPHIA VAHDATI explores the world of sexual frustration during exam term.

Cambridge is AWESOME

PATRICK BROOKS fucking loves Cambridge, and here’s why you should too.

Tab Tries: Being Stoned On A Swap

MARIA-JUANA MONTEZ tries to elevate her swapping experience by going on a swap stoned.

Diary of a Reluctant Virgin: Week 5

This week ELLIE SLEE accidentally stumbles upon what might be true love…

Tab Asks: Are You Ethical?

Sara Stillwell hits streets of Cambridge at night to find out just how ethical Cambridge Students are.

Lola Lo Down- Halloween

George Williams sees some real horrors in Lola Lo’s this Halloween

TabTV Presents The Lola Lo Down On Love

The wonderful people at Lola Lo’s tell us what they think of love.

Confessions of a Fucked Up Fresher

TONY HARCOURT recounts the darker moments of being a fresher…