TILLY BENNETT-JONES and RACHEL WOMERSLEY scout out the best jacket styles in Cambridge.

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Yes, yes: we live in Britain, home of the raincloud. We moan and groan and pretend we have nothing better to talk about, so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon. What the hell is going on up in the heavens? One minute we’re basking in the sunshine, the next the wind bowls us over into an unsuspecting group of tourists. No fear, The Tab is here. We scouted out the best jackets in Cambridge to help you battle the elements with aplomb. Loose or fitted, lining out or buttoned up, feast your eyes on these savvy students.

Heather, 3rd year English at Emma

Max, 2nd year PPS at Fitz (and TabTV Editor!)

Robyn, 1st year MML at Catz

Meg, 2nd year Lawyer at Caius

Aran, 2nd year Economics at Trinity Hall

Photos by Tom Porteous.