Queens’ Bops in a Royal Mess

Social events at Queens’ are on death row once again as the Halloween bop gets out of hand.

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The future of Queens’ bops is in jeopardy following a raucous Halloween bop last Friday.

One student’s drunken frolic around college resulted in the Fellows’ entrance to Queens’ buttery and a Fellows’ bathroom being covered in vomit and faeces.

Staff have been given just one day to clean up the mess before a memorial service for a deceased fellow on Sunday, bringing many visitors to the college.

In an email, Queens’ JCR President, Will Oram, complained about the “disgusting state of the College”, telling students: “The matter is very serious. Unless resolved, all large events in College, including bops will be cancelled and the consequences will be felt around the College, for a long time.”

Oram appealed to students for more information: “I need your help to find out what went on. This is not a time for silence. If you are responsible for this or if you know anyone who might be, Queens’ member or not, let me know urgently. “

Queens’ third year and ex-bar rep, Reece Jackson-Jones, told The Tab: “This is a terrible turd of events. Bops shouldn’t be cancelled for something like this, the person concerned could need medical help!”

This is not the first time the future of Queens’ bops have looked bleak. In 2010, vandalism of gyp rooms in Cripps’ Court resulted in thousands of pounds worth of damage and the cancellation of several bops, a first year dinner, Halfway Hall and the MCR Ceilidh.

More to follow