Derby Girl In Clothes Horse Trauma

Horsing around has landed one Derby student in an awkward situation after getting her head stuck in a clothes horse.

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A student at the University of Derby was hung out to dry this week after becoming trapped in a clothes horse.

18-year-old Danielle Morgan got her head stuck in the device and eventually had to be cut free by firemen.

She had been hanging out with a friend when she fell off a bed and got her head stuck in the frame.

Danielle gets it in the neck

Naturally, friends immediately came along to help –  by recording the events and put them on YouTube. Unfortunately the combined brainpower of a group of Derby students was not enough to free Danielle from her prison.

Uni staff from were also unsuccessful, giving the hopeless ensemble no choice but to call out the fire service.

Firefighters help Danielle out of a bind

Student Ciall Kennett, who lives in the same hall as Danielle, told The Sun that she: “caused international embarrassment both in [sic] behalf of herself and of the University of Derby.”

He also responded to criticism of the university saying he was “proud to be a student” there.

Cambridge students were less sympathetic towards Derby, however. “It’s a wonder she hasn’t been brain damaged from restricting blood flow like that,” one Girton student told The Tab.

“Luckily she’s at Derby so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

Presumably thanks in part to rising levels of unemployment, parodies of Danielle’s ordeal have already begun to pop up on YouTube.

Meanwhile, ex-SAS soldier Andy McNab has produced a “Clothes Horse Survival Guide”, encouraging the use of safety gear such as helmets and shin-pads to prevent further drying rack-based tragedies.

The Tab would like to add to Andy’s safety advice by reminding students not to try and hang clothes out while still wearing them.