Cam FM Aim For World Record

Cam FM’s new schedule launches with a broadcasting world record attempt.

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Cam FM fans can look forward to a 60-hour live broadcast as the station tries to smash a world record.

If all goes to plan, student DJs will by Thursday evening have unofficially broken the current record of 52 hours continuous broadcasting, beating Radio 1’s Chris Moyles to top spot.

Can Cambridge student DJs outdo Chris Moyle?

Their attempt kicked off this morning with a bumper edition of the breakfast show, and highlights to come include a live stint outside Lola Lo’s in the early hours of Wednesday night.

Cam FM’s programme controller Chris Berrow said: “My only job is to make sure Cambridge students are provided with high quality radio in a varied, vibrant schedule, and I really think this marathon will highlight just how diverse and entertaining that can be.”

Yet some students don’t seem to be as excited as Cam FM about their upcoming broadcasting bonanza. Luke Hawkins, a second-year at Queens’, said: “I don’t listen to the station and them being on air for 60 hours won’t change that.”

The new schedule boasts a “brand new News show” and “the best of Cambridge’s celebrity academics” on a new Michaelmas lecture series.

The station has been broadcasting since 1979, beaming out shows from a basement studio in a house owned by Churchill college.

The marathon broadcast could reach an audience of 200,000 on FM and even more across the world via