Sophie Hoare

Sophie Hoare


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Real Activism

SOPHIE HOARE gets to the nub of the less overt elements of poverty around Cambridge. How much could you be doing to help?

Exclusive: Gyp Room Rampage Threatens Queens’ Bops

The future of bops at Queens’ is on the line after vandalism of gyp rooms during Halloween.

Po-Po Overload

Lily Cole joined Cambridge activists in yesterday’s protests, despite an “excessive” police presence.

Gilmour Gutted As Appeal Rejected

Infamous Cantab Charlie Gilmour must serve the rest of his prison sentence after a judge ruled against his appeal yesterday.

Broken Bones In Cindies

A John’s student is must pay £3,800 compensation after fracturing another student’s pelvis in Cindies.

Why Can’t Women Sleep Around?

Men can boast about their sexual conquests without it tainting their reputation; why is it still not the same for women?

Cantabs Caged in Amnesty Protest

Members of CU Amnesty have taken to their encaging themselves on Kings Parade as part of their latest protest.

Fez In Jeopardy

The future of Fez hangs in the balance as officials consider an application to turn the club into a restaurant and flats.

Cam FM Aim For World Record

Cam FM’s new schedule launches with a broadcasting world record attempt.

Hawking Fights Hilton For Cambridge Countryside

Stephen Hawking has enhanced his legendary status – by attempting to stop hotel chain Hilton expanding on the Cambridge countryside.

Battleship Bob Sunk

Battleship Bob, Mr ASBO’s number one defender, has received a hefty fine for disrupting May Bumps.

Lily Cole Bags Double First

Everyone’s favourite celebrity Cantab Lily Cole has managed to score a stunning double first in History of Art.

Update: Booming Blessed To Bloom As Chancellor?

The Tab can confirm that Brian Blessed has accepted his nomination as Chancellor. As long as all nominations are sound, there WILL be a contest for the position next term.

Burglar Caught In Queens’

A man was arrested on suspicion of burglary in Queens’ yesterday after students helped stop his daring escape.

New Home for Caius Boats

Caius plan to demolish their existing boathouse and build a new one, after the building was declared structurally unsound.

Robinson Student Killed By Tourist Bus

Robinson post-graduate Christopher Bethnell has died after being hit by an open-topped tourist bus outside Queens.

Cambridge Win Learning Varsity

Cambridge have knocked Oxford off the top spot in the latest university ranking tables to be published.

Cole To Be Blue In Who

King’s student Lily Cole is set to appear in popular BBC show Doctor Who, as her acting career continues, though not all Who fans are impressed.

No Kidding Around As Cam Goat Wins

Cambridge romped to victory in the annual Goat Race on Saturday, remaining undefeated and proving their superiority over The Other Place.

Update: CUSU’s Paper Chase For Bursaries

CUSU are urgently rushing to save Cambridge bursaries, facing a race against time to drum up academic support.

Downing Student To Take On Lib Dems In Local Election

Downing 2nd year Ashley Walsh is to stand for Labour for local election, in a ward that affects almost 10 colleges.

Cocaine Users Paid For Brain Scans

The University’s Psychology department are offering £80 to people who take cocaine as part of their research into addiction.

Cambridge? That’ll Be 9 Grand Please

A report published on the University’s internal website has recommended charging students £9,000 a year tuition fees.

Plaque On The Back For Hughes

Hughes Hall, receive a heritage blue plaque this Saturday to honour their 125th anniversary, which the college will celebrate with a street party.

Church Pull Porn Flyer

Cast and crew of new play ‘Pornography’ were surprised to find residents, including church staff, have been pulling down their posters.

Profs Shut Up Over Education Cuts

Cambridge academics will take to the streets this Monday in a silent protest against government plans to slash uni budgets.

TA Face Vombardment

For the 6th year in a row, an emergency medical tent run by the Territorial Army was set up in Cambridge to deal with the New Year’s Eve casualties.

Just Say Neigh

Cambridge Students were paid to take the drug Ketamine as part of a study carried out by the Psychiatry department.