Brave Student Fights Off Sex Stalker

A brave student has managed to escape from Cambridge’s serial sex attacker after elbowing him in the chest.

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A brave student fought off Cambridge’s serial sex attacker last Saturday, after he tried to sexually assault her.

The 20-year old Cambridge student, who has not been identified, elbowed the pervert in the chest when he tried to grab her from behind.

In a statement, Detective Sergent Phil Preistly, who is in charge of the investigation to catch the sexual predator, said the student was left “shaken” but unharmed.

He said: “The latest attack is very similar to previous attacks and in particular what happend in the Mill Pond area on March 7th.

“On this occasion he grabbed the woman between the legs from the rear but she struck out at him with her elbow and put him off balance.”

Saturday’s attack is the latest in a string of assaults that have occurred across the city over the last nine months. It’s thought they are all the work of one serial attacker, but police have so far been unable to identify the man behind at least nine incidents.

As part of Operation Majesty, the initiative to catch the sex stalker, Police have produced an ‘e-fit’ that has been widely distributed across Cambridge, and are offering a £5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

The E-Fit released by police

College’s have sent warnings to students, telling them to be on their guard, especially considering all but one of the attacks have been against students.

Girton College Junior bursar, Maureen Hackett, told students to: “remain extremely vigilant when walking in and around the city, particularly after nightfall and… those who are on foot rather than on bikes should walk in pairs whenever possible, and carry a mobile phone.”

Colleges are now operating a safety scheme which lets any students under threat enter any porter’s lodge to get help. The Uni is also providing taxis where necessary.

Detective Sergeant Phil Priestly urged women not to walk alone in the dark and appealed for witnesses. He said that the attacker: “appears to have good local knowledge and is travelling to and from the offence locations on a bike.

“We have increased patrols in the areas where offences have been committed and would urge women to take sensible precautions of not walking at night and early in the morning alone.”

The attacker is described as white, aged 20 to 30, of medium build, and physically strong. He is between 5ft 10in and 6ft tall.