Gown-wearing Catz student assaulted on Silver Street

The incident has been linked to the burning of a £20 note

Three reports of “indecent exposure” near Sidgwick this month

Arts students, beware the flasher

Medwards student assaulted on Magdalene Bridge

The assault happened in the early hours of this morning.

Cambridge students ATTACKED BY GANG while swimming in Grantchester Meadows

Police investigations are underway

Jesus and Christ’s: Let there be light

After a spate of nighttime attacks, it’s time the city council install sufficient streetlighting for all public spaces in Cambridge

We Need to Talk About Harassment

After yesterday’s survey, MATTHEW VAN DER MERWE reckons we don’t take sexual harrassment seriously enough, and thinks it’s time we got on and sorted ourselves out.

Pregnant woman assaulted by knifeman in Cambridge

A woman was attacked with a knife in Cambridge last week in a what is being called a ‘random’ attack

Student Left Unconscious After Late Night Attack

Tuesday night followed the regular pattern of many a Cambridge evening until one student was left on the ground, unconscious, with cuts to the face. JOE WHITWELL Reports.

Hitting Women

LEO PARKER-REES says violence is bad, whether or not you have a vagina.

Broken Bones In Cindies

A John’s student is must pay £3,800 compensation after fracturing another student’s pelvis in Cindies.

Students Told To “Remain Vigilant” After Night Attacks

Cambridge cops have urged students to stay vigilant following two recent attacks in Cambridge late at night.

Brave Student Fights Off Sex Stalker

A brave student has managed to escape from Cambridge’s serial sex attacker after elbowing him in the chest.

UPDATE: What A Pickle!

As the comments continue to come in thick and fast after the drama with Eric Pickles at the Union, The Tab gets two different views of the situation