Fit College – A Fresher’s Guide

So what’s the deal with this Fit College thing?

Fit College fit college final

Guys and gals of Cambridge – Hold on to your hats, your pants, and your significant others: Fit College is back.

After the success of The Tab‘s 2009-2010 series of Fit College, it now returns to thunderous salivating applause to assuage the masses with cheeky snaps of coupled ‘hotties’. You could have lectures with this year’s ‘bit of stuff’ from Jesus; that specimen of physical perfection you’ve seen lurking around Emmanuel; even that sexual predator from last night’s Cindies – All rather thrilling, yes? So, as it all kicks off again, let’s give a quick reminder of how it’s all going to go down: we snap ‘em; you rate ‘em.

Pretty basic; criminally fun.

Around 5000 votes were cast in the final showdown between the chosen ‘buff boffins’ from Jesus and Trinity. After a tight margin of 12 deciding votes, Trinity’s Isabella and Aldous just managed to top Jesus’ Isabel and Angus. The Final created such a stir that the two female finalists even went on to feature in an article in ‘The Daily Mail’ causing them to receive hundreds upon hundreds of ‘friend requests’ from admiring, yet understandably creepy, ‘Daily Mail’-reading strangers.

For those of you who missed it, here’s a quick recap of last year’s results:

The Top Five

1. Trinity (18%)
2. Jesus (18%)
3. Queens’ (16%)
4. King’s (10%)
5. Sidney (7%)

Now complete your trip to ‘Fit City’ and take a peek at the best of the rest from last year’s finalists.