Fit College

Fit College: King’s vs Emmanuel

In this week’s edition of THE TAB’s Fit College, King’s and Emmanuel fight for your vote

Stressed College

Vote wisely

Fit College: Newnham vs Medwards

It’s an all-girls contest for THE TAB’s episode of Fit College this week – will Newnham’s blonde duo or Murray Edwards’ brunette couple get your vote?

Fit College: Trinity vs Tit Hall

In this week’s Fit College, Trinity goes head to head with Trinity Hall

Fit College: Pembroke vs Queens’

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just make sure you vote

Fit College Snowman: VOTE NOW

The sexiest snowfolk in Cambridge: VOTE NOW

Fit Engineer: Vote now

This week The Tab brings you the university’s sexiest engineers

Vote for Cambridge’s Best MILF

The Tab brings you your weekly instalment of sexy, sexy nerds. This week: Fit Mathmos.

Shit College: Christ’s Vs Queens’

We bring you the opportunity to callously judge some of the worst of the worst of Cambridge architecture.

Fit College: St Catz Vs Robinson

FIT COLLEGE: captivating Catz or ravishing Robinson. Cast your votes here.

Fit College: Darwin Vs Caius

Fit College: this week it’s Darwin versus Caius.

Fit Tripos: Mathmo Vs CompSci

Uh-oh…FIT COLLEGE is back! To celebrate the exam period, we’ve got some brainiacs on board. Cast your vote wisely!

No More Page 3

As one Oxford JCR votes to boycott The Sun, ISABELLE FRASER talks to Lucy Holmes, founder of the No More Page 3 campaign.

Fit Couple

We’ve got two pairs of star-crossed lovers on our hands this Valentine’s Day…but who will come out on top? You decide.

FIT BLUE: Hockey Vs Lacrosse

We’ve got a sticky encounter on our hands…but who will come out on top? You decide.

Fit College

The two all-female colleges clash in this week’s Fit College.

Fit College

This week Caius take on Emma to be crowned Fit College.

Fit Freshers: Pembroke Vs Queens’

Uh-oh…FIT COLLEGE is back! This week we’ve got some sultry new freshers on our hands. Cast your vote wisely!

Fit College: Homerton v Magdalene

Wow! Fit College is back with sexy students from Homerton and Magdalene. Who’s hot? Who’s not? It’s up to you.

Fit College: Sidney vs Tit Hall

Phwoar! Fit College this week features two sexy pairs of students from Sidney and Tit Hall! Vote for your favourite.