Dresses for Less

The Tab’s top 5 websites for cheap May Ball dresses under £70

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We may all dream of the Temperley dress that has been hand encrusted with Peruvian sequins, but sadly this is way out of our price league. Instead, here are The Tab's top 5 websites for finding a May Ball dress for under £70.

Dresses for less

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Asos is the queen of online shopping. You can lose yourself in a happy shopping paradise for hours without even leaving the comfort of your bed. Better yet, you can filter by price so you won’t even be tempted by the few crafty £200 designer dresses that creep onto your screen. However, while delivery is free, this is only if you can wait 6 days.

This grecian style is unique and for only £40



A similar format to Asos, but as it is slightly less well know, this is good for more original items. The downside is that the site is littered with tight, shiny, celebrity endorsed dresses, but once you get past these, very has some good dresses. Furthermore, they are running an offer at the moment that gives you an extra 10% off for opening a very account.


This Amanda Wakeley beaded number is £69 and they promise next day postage.  



This website has more dresses than you can shake a stick at. A lot of them are fairly basic bandeau styles, the low prices means you can afford to splash out on some wacky accessories to make your look original.Also,their boutique, exclusive and Giles Deacon ranges have more interesting pieces which cost as little as £23.

Try this ruffled take on the classic prom dress for only £15



Once you trawl through the micro-mini, sequin encrusted monstrosities on this site, you can actually discover some great dresses.

Try this one shouldered number for  twist on the little black dress. And all for only £60.



Ebay really needs no introduction. Quality and price of dresses varies hugely according to seller. However, make sure you ask lots of questions before you buy.  Have faith in your ability to work magic with some pins and that the smug feeling you paid next to nothing plus postage will make the night worth it.  Unfortunately, there is no returns policy. If it arrives moth-eaten and smelling of cats, you have to just sell it on.


With May Week only days away and a postal service that is called snail mail for good reason, internet shopping is no longer procrastination but a high priority.