may balls

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I decided to make a May Ball dress and here’s what happened

Ever wondered how to make a dress from scratch?

REVIEW: Wolfson May Ball

Nice start, Wolfson

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NEWS COLUMN: your weekly rundown

All you need to know in one easy read.

Why which college you go to matters

It has a huge influence

Tab Guide to high heels

Everything you need to know

Sidney’s June Event 2017 theme revealed

They’re probably in denial about adulthood and responsibility

A beginner’s guide to impressing your home friends

Or how to trick them into thinking Cambridge life is normal

What Cambridge students wear: A fresher’s interpretation

Still clueless

Is This It? May Balls and Disappointment

The dangers of May Week expectations

Black tie doesn’t have to be a painful inconvenience this May Week

Ladies, we have endured enough. I’m here to help.

An American’s guide to strengthening the UK’s “Special Relationship” with the US

An American postgrad shares some tips on how to make friends and strengthen US-UK ties while visiting or studying in Cambridge.

How to be more Oxford

Work less, achieve more, be happier.

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift to headline Trinity May Ball

It turns out she can’t shake off everyone

Should we be shameless about May ball tickets?

Willing to sell my soul for a May Ball ticket. PM me if interested.

REVIEW: King’s Affair

LUKE HEPPENSTALL-WEST thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be one of the kids who were too cool to hang out with him in school

Round up of all the May Balls

Overwhelmed by the endless list of May Balls on next week and need a simple list to organise your thoughts?

Cambridge has got to change from the inside

That VICE video has a point

Churchill Spring Ball: drunk in dystopia

Cheers Winston, top night

Headliner Revealed: We’d rather be at St John’s May Ball

Often revered as the ‘party may ball’, John’s newly released headline acts will not disappoint ticket holders.

Gents – get it right

Get it right, boys, or you’ll look like a big chump, says ANDREW MUNRO