Vice-Chancellor Splashes Uni Cash

Cambridge University spends more than £90,000 sending top-dog around the world.

800 Anniversary alison richard cambridge 800 money spending vice-chancellor

Cambridge University spent more than £90,000 sending their top-dog around the world between 2008 and 2009.

‘Queen of the Boffs’, Prof Alison Richard celebrated the University’s 800th anniversary in style, clocking up 86,000 air miles with her £93,636 globe-trotting antics.

The huge sum went on trips to China, USA, India and the Middle-East. On one jaunt to the United Arab Emirates, Richard and 3 colleagues stayed in the five-star Emirates Palace Hotel at a whopping £1700 a night.
The glitzy lifestyle of Prof Richard was only revealed by a freedom of information request, and comes just two months after university employees had their annual pay rise slashed to 0.5%
A spokesman tried to defend the hefty bill, claiming “When Prof Richards is meeting with world leaders you would expect her to stay at premier places rather than slumming it at a B&B” and told The Tab the cost is “all relative”.
"In fundraising terms alone, the University and colleges raised £140 million in the year in question, much as a result of these travels"
But Proff Gill Evans, a member of Regent House, the university's governing body, said “The claim she is a very important person and must big herself up is very dubious”. Evans went on to call the findings “a gift to those hostile to Cambridge for alleged elitism”.
Good job Prof Richard isn't an MP…