New Super Pub for Cambridge

Wetherspoons are allegedly planning a new ‘superpub’ in Cambridge that will stay open until 2am.

barfly graduate pub New Wetherspoons superpub

Wetherspoons are planning on opening another pub in Cambridge. 

A leaked email from the pub-giant revealed that Spoons is planning to re-open the derelict Graduate Barfly pub in Chesterton Road, just behind the boat houses. 

The Graduate Barfly pub was closed suddenly "for refurbishment" in the summer of 2008, but there has been no activity at the 250-capacity venue for more than a year. ??

Barfly, which owns the Graduate, succeeded with an application to extend the pub’s opening hours, to 2am on Saturdays and midnight between Sunday and Friday, in January last year, but the site has still remained shut.

The potential of a cheap drink haunt with such long opening hours has not been popular with local residents in Chesterton Road.

One concerned resident, Lorne Williamson, of Guthrie Court, said: "The Wetherspoons in Regent Street has become a hotspot for trouble in Cambridge and I’m sure residents would not want similar problems on their doorstep."

However, Ross Baker, a second year from Sidney Sussex who lives near to Chesterton Road told The Tab “One more Spoons definitely can’t hurt anyone”

The new pub would join ‘The Regal’ in Regent Street, the largest Weatherspoons in the UK, to take the total of Spoons in Cambridge to two. 

Weatherspoons have refused to comment on the possibility of a deal for legal reasons.