Cage Rage

The Cambridge branch of Amnesty International camped out on King’s lawns this weekend, in protest at the treatment of Burmese democracy campaigners.

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These hardy souls are one bunch of squatters The Tab doesn’t want to see evicted.

The Cambridge branch of Amnesty International, as seen in an exclusive TabTV feature, camped out on King’s lawns this weekend, in protest at the treatment of Burmese democracy campaigners.

Volunteers from across the university occupied the wooden box for 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, braving the cold – and even drunken students.

They donned masks of the political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi, the Prime Minister-elect, who has spent 13 of her last 20 years behind bars.

‘She has become a symbol of hope and inspiration in her own country and around the world’, Hannah Perry, Chair of CU Amnesty International, told The Tab.

The protest has proved a hit, not least with night-time revellers.

‘It does get pretty cold between 3-6am in the morning’, she said. ‘We often get lots of students, returning from their night out, coming to pay us a visit, say hello and offer us some chips! Nightshifts are definitely something to remember!’

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Suu Kyi hit the headlines after her most recent arrest, following a nocturnal visit from a crazed fan.

Damp Yank John Yettaw, dubbed the ‘The Suu Kyi Swimmer’, swam the Inya Lake on May 3rd this year, before dodging security.

But he was eventually discovered, and Suu Kyi was detained just days before her release date of May 27th.

The fresh sanctions from Burmese military heavies caused worldwide outrage: ‘Until she is released unconditionally, there can be no genuine improvement in the human rights situation in Burma’, said Perry.

The Cage protest occurs every term outside King’s in aid of political prisoners around the world.

‘We are very grateful for their support in allowing us to conduct this protest on their lawn’, said protest co-ordinator Emma Johnston.

‘And it is lovely to see the Cambridge community coming together to pledge their support for Aung San Suu Kyi’.

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