Alasdair Pal
Homerton, Theology A former Editor, Ali is responsible for immortal headlines like 'Clungegate!' and 'Where Are All the Lesbians?' He also got so much national coverage that the University Press Office now refuse to speak to him. Whilst he has written about sex, politics and fishing, these days he is restrained by his TV column.

St John’s May Ball

ALASDAIR PAL on our highest-ranking ball ever. The first verdict from a reviewer who didn’t leave halfway through.

Exclusive: TCS Editor Resigns

The Tab understands that the TCS board has accepted Philip Brook’s resignation after their Editor admitted making a “serious lapse of judgement”.

TCS News Editor Under Fire After ‘Racist’ Slur

A senior TCS journalist is facing calls to resign – after making a ‘racist’ joke about a CUSU Student Support candidate.

Heston’s Mission Impossible

ALASDAIR PAL: “To call Mission Impossible food porn would be an insult to porn”.

OK! TV and Extraordinary Dogs

ALASDAIR PAL watches Channel Five so you don’t have to.

Louis Theroux: Ultra-Zionists

“It would be hilarious if the situation wasn’t so grave.” ALASDAIR PAL on Louis Theroux’s latest offering.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

ALASDAIR PAL: ‘Billie Piper spends most of her time gurning up to her ears, like a botoxed chimp trying to blag its way out of animal testing’.

Tab Tries: Stripping Off for Cash

“It looks a bit like a scene from Antiques Roadshow, except I appear on half the antiques.” ALASDAIR PAL goes life modelling.

Human Planet – Deserts: Life in the Furnace

ALASDAIR PAL: “If only there were a way to turn John Hurt off”.

Tool Academy and Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

ALASDAIR PAL: “Chalk this one up as a victory for tools and teenagers everywhere.”

Chase and Status

ALASDAIR PAL: ‘“IT’S DIZZEE FUCKING RASCAL!”…Except it isn’t…Chase and Status grin behind their samplers like a pair of pasty bookends.”

Deaned!: Cambridge Discipline Uncovered, Part 2

We promised you the full files, and now, The Tab presents some of the strangest deanings Cambridge has ever seen: including hamsters, police dogs, a casino and plenty of vomit.

The Only Thing You Should Be Watching

ALASDAIR PAL enjoys the vajazzle, vodka, and voluminous breasts – but, in reality, the scripted dialogue of The Only Way Is Essex leaves much to be desired.

Revealed: How We Hoaxed TCS

We’ve done over The Sun and the BNP, but ALASDAIR PAL’s TCS gem from February has never been revealed. Until now…

Where Are All The Lesbians?: The Tab Surveys The Freshers

A Tab survey of this year’s freshers has uncovered a number of surprising findings…

Summer Blogs: Spice, Rice and All Things Nice

6/9: ALASDAIR PAL and LOTTIE UNWIN investigate just why every Indian wants their picture with them

Review: Newnham June Event

ALASDAIR PAL: ‘Newnham got the Big Decisions right: a well-executed theme over a big headline act; plentiful drink over quality and outrageous queues; and the ability to get a square foot of henna inked across your face.’

LIVE BLOG: May Ball Lineups

EXCLUSIVE: A couple of last minute teasers by Sidney and King’s complete most of the line-ups.

Downing Scrape Past Homerton in Cuppers Thriller

Downing scrape past the heavy-drinking Homerton on penalties to advance to the final.

The Bass Race: May Week Gets Low-End Injection

May Week is shaping up to be the most bass-heavy in history, thanks to a number of earth-shuddering acts revealed exclusively by The Tab.