Brookes student hospitalised after being ‘spiked by injection’ in nightclub

‘Oh my god I think I might be bleeding’

A female Brookes student believes she was spiked by injection at The Bridge nightclub on Saturday 20th November.

The police, who are now investigating the alleged incident, said they were called after the student reported her injury to the club’s door staff.

The student told The Tab Brookes that she had been taken to the hospital after the suspected spiking, where she underwent blood tests and urine samples taken. She was later discharged, eventually getting home at 8am.

The student believes she was spiked by injection in her back

The student told The Tab Brookes she was in a group of four friends and they had been going up and down the floors in Bridge.

Explaining the situation to The Tab Brookes, she said: “Two of my mates just went to go to the loo and to get another drink and my other friend and I were dancing on the top floor, near the DJ booth.”

At around 1.50am she felt a pricking feeling going into her back. “I was like ‘oh that’s weird I’ve never really felt something like that.'”

She said she didn’t really feel anything and thought someone was just bumping past her until she touched her back and put her hand into the light and saw it was wet. At this point, she said she thought: “Oh my god I think I might be bleeding.”

“My mind didn’t think ‘I’ve just been injected’, I just thought someone had scratched me or something like that,” she adds.

The student said that when she had been dancing, it was crowded and there had been a man behind her, with his back to her, wearing a white shirt. When she turned around, she claimed she could see the blood from her back on his shirt.

“I said to my friend ‘something’s wrong’ and pulled her out from the crowd. I got my phone torch and I shone it on my back and there was this bleeding, that looked like an injection spot.”

She ran to the toilet and luckily found a female security guard there. She took them downstairs and the student spoke to security guards, police and paramedics.

The police told her they were going to check the security cameras in Bridge. The paramedics took her to hospital to do a urine sample and a blood test, to check what was in her system.

The student told The Tab Brookes that she was scared and that she normally suffers with anxiety.

She was escorted to the hospital by a police car but on the way, she “started fainting” and  “felt very sick and went quite pale.”

“Everything seemed very dizzy and kind of blurry so I didn’t really know what was happening, whether it was from the substance or whether it was my body’s reaction to being really nervous.”

The student said she recalled most of the situation because at the time of the suspected injection, she was pretty much sober, and that she was able to tell the police all of the details that they needed.

The student said unfortunately she had no witnesses, but the police said her injury looked like a “blunt injection site”.

A spokesperson for  Thames Valley Police said: “Officers were called at around 2.15am on Sunday morning (21/11) to reports of a spiking incident.

“A woman reported to door staff a visible injury on her back and feeling unwell. The door staff then alerted police. The woman, in her twenties, was taken to the John Radcliffe hospital after feeling unwell, but has since been discharged. An investigation has been launched and our enquiries are ongoing.
“The incident happened at The Bridge nightclub in Oxford. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting reference 43210526426.”
A spokesperson for The Bridge nightclub said: “We understand there is an active police investigation related to a reported incident that happened on Sunday. It would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

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