What is the weirdest thing you have seen this week?

Things are about to get weird

Katie King, Business Management, 2nd Year


“Saw someone pass out in the foam party, wake back up and start making a snow angel.”

Kayleigh Jones, Business Management, 2nd Year


“Saw a paralytic fresher being carried out of the club by bouncers.”

Kat Daly (right), Business Management, Fresher


“I saw a girl curled up in a ball unconscious in a bus shelter.”

Cloe Hall, Business and Marketing, Fresher


“I saw two guys wrapped up in tin foil from head to foot and passed out on a wall.”

Serena Beck (right), Business and Marketing, 2nd year


“I saw a girl walking home with a guy whose trousers and boxers were around his ankles.”

Jake Hall, Theology and Philosophy, 2nd year


“Saw a fresher throw up on the bar in Bridge.”

James Kramer, Business, Fresher


“My friend got dragged into an ambulance after 10 minutes of being in the club.”

Devon Taylor (Left), History, Fresher

Devon Taylor (Left), History, Fresher.

“A man joined us on our way home and came into our flat, we pushed him out without his shoes.”

Sam Fletcher, Equine Science, 2nd Year

Sam Fletcher, Equine Science, Second Year.

“Found a friend passed out outside the JHB bus stop whilst waiting for the bus to go into town.”

Jared Williams, Fine Art, Fresher

Jared Williams, Fine Art, Fresher.

“I saw two girls jump up and down on a white Audi TT, dented the roof and set the alarm off.”

Sarah Gilbard, Philosophy, Fresher

Sarah Gilbard, Philosophy, Fresher.

“I saw a group of people wearing nothing but foil blankets outside the o2.”

James Lain, Engineering, Fresher

James Lain, Engineering, Fresher.

“I saw someone being dragged on the floor, by one arm, out of Wahoo.”