New Year’s resolutions that every Bristol student will be making for 2023

New year, new me, same hangover

Every year we say we’ll change, we’ll drink less, go to the gym more and remember to stop buying food out when we definitely all have pasta that our parents bought us in reading week at home. 

I’ve given up lying to myself already but hey being more self aware is a good start right? I’m also all for not pushing yourself too hard so if you only make it to a few seminars in 2023, reward yourself, it’s all about the small wins in life anyway. 

Here’s a list to kickstart your inspiration for January 1st resolutions when you’re probably hungover, scared to check your bank account and wondering what the hell you got up to the night before. 

Remembering to take your makeup off after a night out 

Those mascara stained pillow cases aren’t cute babe but did you really have a good night if you were functional enough to wash your face? Probably not. 

Making coffee at home 

Could do, but I know Pret needs the business so … 

To learn how to cook

If you successfully meal plan as well you have officially conquered 2023.

Making your 9ams 

The hangover always hits again at 4pm let alone at 9am.

To use protection 

Giggling over getting plan b in the pharmacy is always a great way to spice up a Sunday though. 

Not to get with your ex in Lizard Lounge 

Getting with your ex in 2023 is great for the plot, just do it anywhere but Lizard Lounge I beg. 

Use your gym membership

This ones a classic, health is wealth though.

Stop spending money on nicotine

Oh please, I don’t know why I even included this one. You’ll get a sniff of alcohol and be begging on your knees for your mate’s cherry ice.

Stop lying to myself when I say I’ll go back to the library after going home for dinner 

You won’t, you’ll get into bed instead. 

Spend less money on a night out

Ambitious, so ease yourself in by doing two Jägerbombs instead of four. 

To get more sleep 

Your flatmates probably aren’t talking about anything interesting in the living room at 12am anyway.

Stop spending money on taxis from the Triangle

Easily done when you know you can stop at M&M’s on the walk home.

To read a book that isn’t course related

Fun idea, never going to happen.

Organise your summer trip in advance

Don’t be the group that fantasises over Ibiza until June rolls around and it’s double the price.

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