Not everyone goes home for Christmas: Here’s how you can stay busy and festive in Bristol

Go for the best hot chocolate of your life but stay for the singing moose

Christmas isn’t always fun and games if you’re not going home to reconnect with family and friends. The truth is, Christmas can suck sometimes.

But that doesn’t mean it has to because Bristol is looking lovely, colourful and festive. Try to stop being grumpy, get some layers on, go outside and enjoy it.

Visit these festive markets and get yourself some gifts

When it comes to festive markets the options in Bristol are endless. Here are some of the fan favourites:

Bearpit – 18th December

Come down to The Bearpit at anytime between 10am – 5pm this Sunday for one last festive market and meet more than 25 local artists and makers. There will be live music, but you can also catch the festive drummers if you’re lucky.

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St Nicks – Fridays and Weekends

A Bristolian classic that never disappoints. From arts and crafts to delicious food, it’s impossible not to feel festive at St Nicks. The outdoor market is a must see, but if you’re about to freeze to death, don’t forget about the massive indoor shopping area that is just as beautiful.

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Christmas Market at the Shopping Quarter

The Christmas Market has been open for more than a month now so if you still haven’t visited yet, you’re truly missing out. It might be terribly crowded but you’ll realise there’s a good enough reason for that.

Come for the best hot chocolate of your life & stay for the singing moose.

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Future Leap – Fridays & Weekends until December 23rd

This sustainable business hub & cafe on Gloucester Road is known for hosting many eco-friendly events pop-up events and they’re not holding back on their festivities. Support small and local businesses on their journey to help make our world greener.

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credit: @lobedesignz on instagram

The Full Moon – 24th December

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than sipping on boozy hot chocolate at the Full Moon. You’ll also be accompanied by some of Bristol’s most loved local businesses and makers. Shopping, like most things, is even more fun when you’re drunk.

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Watch Love Actually at Watershed (for free) – 23rd December

Celebrate Christmas Eve Eve with a Christmas classic, Love Actually. I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that the tickets are, actually, free. But like a National Lottery Ticket, and you still need to book and terms and conditions apply, and all that.

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Cider & Cheese Tasting at The Cider Box

If you’re feeling fancy, join The Cider Box for some cider & cheese tasting. You’ll also learn all about making cider as well as some fascinating facts about it, so next time you go for a casual drink with friends – you’ll know how to bore them.  

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If Bristol doesn’t do it for you – Visit Bath

If you somehow manage to get bored in Bristol, a trip to Bath is always on the table (though it’s usually the other way around).

Bath hosts one of the best independent festive markets, if you feel like Bristol wasn’t good enough for your bougie taste. You can also go ice skating in Bath’s hidden winter wonderland or just enjoy the change of scenery.

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Zoom isn’t dead (yet) – ZoomMas with family & friends

I’m not saying that Zoom isn’t triggering, or shouldn’t stay in 2020 where it belongs, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If it’s the only way of catching up with your loved ones, set up a Zoom call and force everyone to show up. You can also spice it up with powerpoint presentations of how 2022 treated you so far or have an online dinner together. 

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Bristol SU are also running a number of activities over the festive period which you can check out here. 

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