The Bristol Tab’s Clubbers of the Week

Bringing back some retro content all the way from 2018

If you somehow tripped and fell into a club on The Triangle this week, you’re bound to have been hunted down by a club photographer and their trusty ring light.

We’ve decided to do the honours of looking through all the club Facebook albums, that we know hangxiety won’t let you look at, so that none of your gorgeous drunken photos go to waste.

Here are our favourites this week. Fingers crossed you made the cut!

BED Mondays at Gravity

Love this girl and her tiny hand. She was 100% the main character of Gravity this Monday, even the girl giving side-eye in the back secretly wants to be her. Corset top even matches the BED logo. Amazing.

Taylor Tuesday at Lizard Lounge

Look at these Swifties going all out for Taylor Tuesday. Love the “You Belong With Me” music video reference. The only photo that showed people truly invested in the night, there was literally no other fancy dress in sight.

Time out at Lizard Lounge

The spirit of sports night have got these girlies feeling the love. Nothing shows affection more than getting your friend in a head lock. They’ll defo appreciate it despite looking very uncomfortable and slightly oxygen starved xx.

La Rocca

Make sure to get the VKs shot in no matter what. Even if when your attention seeking  friend (?) tries to sabotage you with his contortionist tricks. Bet his neck really hurt in the morning. Serves him right for trying to steal the spot light.

La Rocca (again)

La Rocca’s photographer goes crazy. Too many feral clubbers were papped to only include one picture. This one is truly and honestly giving silly fresh. Definitely a rough morning after for everyone involved. Shocked and astounded that this photo was taken in La Rocca and not the godforsaken toilets of Crofter’s Rights.

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