Meet the Bristol Uni best mates who found out they are actually long lost cousins

It’s like Stoke Bishop’s very own Parent Trap!

We all know how exciting it is meeting new people and new friends in first year but imagine finding out that your new uni bestie is actually your second cousin.

This crazy concept became reality for first years Issy, who studies Childhood Studies and Madeline who studies Politics and Social Policy.

In a now viral TikTok, the pair revealed that after chatting in a WhatsApp groupchat they realised that they were second cousins who hadn’t had seen each other for 11 years.

Madeline (L) and Issy (R) hadn’t seen each other for 11 years before becoming best mates at Bristol Uni

The Bristol Tab spoke to Issy and Madeline and asked how they figured this out.

“Me and Madeline [sic] are second cousins and we had seen each other a few times when we were really young, but we lost contact over time.

“In September, we both had been added into a group chat for our floor of our accommodation and I recognised Madeline’s name, but it was only when we met in Freshers’ Week that we made the connection.

“We both asked our parents and they clarified that we were second cousins.

A family photograph of Issy sitting down and Madeline standing above her

“We are now really close friends, spend all our time together and are living together next year too!”

It’s like Stoke Bishop’s very own Parent Trap.

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