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Shout ‘arrrrgghh’ to relieve stress, Bristol SU tells students

Seems legit

Hot on the heels of the recent bubble wrap giveaway, Bristol Students' Union have come up with another innovative anti-stress measure.

Nestled among a list of more conventional tips on the SU Advice and Support page, students are informed that "shouting 'arrrrgghh'" can act as an effective form of tension release.

While screaming in the face of problems might come naturally to some, skeptical students have been reacting with bemusement.

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The list of SU tips for 'managing stress'

Third year Geography student Theo Whyte said: "It's a bit awkward and feels mildly patronising. Where are you supposed to shout?

"If you're stressed or anxious and someone hears you shouting and avoids you as a result, aren't you going to feel a bit more isolated?"

Psychology student Jess was slightly more positive about the unusual recommendation: "I guess it's good for releasing tension. But it's just so weird.

"Just telling people to shout doesn't seem very professional."

Despite the worries, there is some (kind of) science behind the idea: the inventor of "Primal Scream Therapy" used the technique on big names including John Lennon.

A Bristol SU spokesperson said: “There are some simple measures relating to coping with stress during exam periods on our website. We know that not all the suggestions will feel right for everyone.

“If any student feels they – or a friend – need help or support, we always encourage them to contact the University’s support services.”

So, feel free to give the shouting technique a try. Although maybe not in Redland — unless you want to end up on The Noise Pages.

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