David Verry

Banned speaker joins panel to speak at Bristol free speech event

The speaker was originally banned due to security concerns

You can now get free breakfasts with an SU loyalty card

Can you hear the people SING

Shout ‘arrrrgghh’ to relieve stress, Bristol SU tells students

Seems legit

Bristol SU are handing out bubble wrap to combat exam stress

Once you pop, you just can’t stop

Bristol Professor who was arrested during protest said it was ‘fine’

He described being arrested to being in his office

Rees-Mogg bucket hat sells for £70 in Bristol Uni Conservative Association auction

It wasn’t even that wavy

Bristol students schedule new mental health protest on same day as UoB open day

‘Management needs to accept responsibility’

We asked Remainer celebs at the People’s Vote March to name their favourite thing about Brexit

Results were… mixed

Here are the funniest Brexit signs from the People’s Vote March

‘Never gonna give EU up’

Here’s how you can get involved in forming Bristol Uni’s new mental health strategy

‘We would like your feedback, ideas and suggestions’

‘Non-diagnosed occasional anxiety or stress’ not grounds for coursework extension, says new UoB policy

Both allegedly have a ‘minimal impact’

94 per cent of Bristol University students have opted in to mental health alerts

Students can choose for their guardian to be contacted in the case of serious mental health issues

You’re all wrong – the best subject at university is undoubtedly Geography

Don’t believe everything you read

Burglary in parts of Bristol is on the rise, according to latest statistics

Lock up your laptops kids

Bristol students vote to no-platform trans-exclusionary feminists in heated annual members meeting

Yay student politics

Students to vote on stopping Brexit and banning trans exclusionary feminists at Annual Members Meeting

Ain’t no party like a political party