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Bristol SU are handing out bubble wrap to combat exam stress

Once you pop, you just can’t stop

Good news for all Bristol students feeling the weight of the world your shoulders: the SU are generously handing out bubble wrap so you can pop your problems away.

Yes, in a low-budget move to address the stress of January exams, individually portioned squares of bubble wrap, each containing no more than 16 bubbles, are being offered free of charge to anxious students.

Available at the new SU Living Room in Senate House, each five centimetre square comes with a cast-iron guarantee of "immediate stress relief" for anyone who indulges in some satisfying popping.

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Students are being warned, however, to avoid twitching their fingers too often: the recommended dosage is just three bubbles every four to six hours, or a single burst per 80-120 minutes.

The plastic samples are just one measure in a university-wide January anti-stress drive. Bristol SU told The Bristol Tab: "We thought the bubble wrap packs would catch people's attention, encourage them to take a break or brighten their day.

"But on a more serious note, they act as a signpost to the wellbeing drop ins organised by the Library Services team, for anyone who has mental health and wellbeing concerns."

There are more calming activities planned for the coming days – local mental health charity Off The Record are delivering a "Resilience Lab" on Wednesday and a plant potting session is scheduled for any keen green-fingered students.

Best of all, there are more free samples still to come – on Friday, SU Officers will nobly sacrifice an afternoon, spending hours handing out bananas to anyone in need of a potassium hit. Heroes, each and every one of them.

The fruit freebie is the latest sweet giveaway on campus, following the ice cream bonanza in last summer's exam period. Mental health may be at the forefront of many students' minds, but you can't fault the university on their blood sugar policy.